How Full Service Landscaping Can Protect Your Yard and Vegetation All Winter Long

Grass covered in snow.

The harshness of winter can be difficult on any landscape. Harsh, subfreezing temperatures and occasional bouts with snow or ice can make living plants weak, brittle, and more susceptible to damage. High winds and other environmental challenges can further weaken the vitality of living greenery and make them more susceptible to threats like disease and fungal infections.

To keep lawns and landscapes in Nashville and Middle Tennessee healthy, vibrant, and robust all year long, homeowners should plan ahead for winter weather. It is essential to perform proper preparation before the snow falls or temperatures plummet so that plants are better able to handle whatever mother nature throws their way throughout the cold months of winter.

Proper preparation can minimize the weather’s damaging impact on your little piece of heaven and make it more likely that your lawn and landscape will survive the winter season in top condition. It is also important to ensure you are equipped with the proper tools for addressing issues that might arise during the cold months, such as fallen branches or heavy ice accumulation on tree limbs. A full service landscaping company like The Parke Company can help you put together a plan for keeping your yard in tip-top shape all winter long.

Challenges Landscapes Face During Winter

The harshness of winter can be particularly challenging for the lawns, landscapes, and trees that often surround our homes. Here are some of the challenges that your Nashville and Middle Tennessee home is likely to face during winter:

  • Temperature extremes can harm living plants and cause foliage to wilt and die.
  • Freezing temperatures can also cause snow to accumulate in large sheets, making trees and shrubs susceptible to damage from heavy ice sheets.
  • Ice sheets often accumulate on tree canopies, weighing them down and creating a threat of breakage or collapse.
  • High winds often accompany winter weather. These high winds can damage trees and shrubs.
  • Poor drainage on your property exacerbates the problems frostbitten plants may face during winter’s harshest days.
  • Snow and ice can also clog up your gutters, making it difficult for excess water to escape and create puddles in lawns and gardens.
  • Ice sheets forming on your plants suffocate them and make them more susceptible to damage by bacteria and fungi.
  • This is not just an issue for your lawn; frostbitten plants also pose a dangerous threat to the health of your trees and shrubs. Yellowed, unhealthy, or diseased foliage can decrease the overall health of your greenery.

Nevertheless, many homeowners have been able to avoid the dangers and damage that winter can create for landscaping by taking the proper steps in advance.

Services that Protect Landscapes During Winter

What do landscapers do in the winter? To protect your greenery from winter’s harsh elements, it is important to be prepared in advance. Here are the landscaping services you can expect from The Parke Company:

  1. Hard Pruning

Hard pruning is an essential part of protecting your plants from winter damage. This process involves cutting off dead or diseased leaves and stems that could further harm your greenery by harboring bacteria, fungi, and other harmful elements. Winter is the ideal time to hard prune your plants since most are dormant. This will also create space for new healthy branches to spring up to replace damaged foliage.

Our full service landscaping services include hard pruning clients’ plants before winter, so they are already hardy enough to handle whatever mother nature may throw their way in the coming weeks and months.

  1. Protecting Living Plants from Ice Damage

During winter, ice can form on the foliage of your trees and shrubs. Even light snowfall can create a heavy ice sheet that can weigh down your greenery and make it more vulnerable to damage from high winds or other environmental challenges. No matter how light the snowfall may be, it can still form an icy layer on trees, impairing their ability to take up water and transport nutrients on which they depend for survival.

The Parke Company can help you protect your plants from ice damage. We will be sure that your plants are healthy and equipped with the tools they need to endure the cold season in tip-top shape.

  1. Ensuring Continual Drainage

Maintaining the drainage flow in your winter landscape is just as important for your greenery as it is for the pipes and drains in your home. Trees, plants, and other vegetation are subject to waterlogging if they are not well-drained. Waterlogged greenery is more susceptible to root infection, fungus, and more.

We ensure that our clients’ landscapes have proper levels of drainage so that you can avoid problems with fungi and disease during winter months. One way to do this is by chipping away at the roots of trees and shrubs to create more space for water drainage and reduce the burden on plants’ root systems, which are often weakened by the winter season.

  1. Weed Removal

Trees and shrubs in residential landscapes can often harbor a host of weeds and pests, which are especially detrimental during winter. These unwelcome plants can take up valuable space in your yard and make it more of a challenge to maintain the aesthetic appeal of your landscape design. Thriving weeds also contribute to the decay of foliage’s health, posing an additional threat to your greenery.

  1. Disease Management

Diseases can take a heavy toll on plants during winter. Diseases are often spread by certain insects, such as caterpillars and moths. Small mammals such as rabbits and groundhogs also help spread diseases to plants in yards.

To protect your greenery from diseases, we scout every tree on the property for potential infection. We will also take steps to quickly remove any infected plants from our clients’ landscapes to prevent the spread of deadly diseases.

Benefits of Having One Provider Do it All

As an all-inclusive landscaping company, The Parke Company provides sustainable, effective, and efficient services to clients throughout the greater Nashville and Middle Tennessee areas. You can avoid many dangers your lawn and plants may face during winter by contracting The Parke Company to take care of your landscaping needs.

Here are some of the reasons why you should consider The Parke Company for your landscaping needs during winter:

  • The Parke Company provides a professional assessment from every angle and for every season. This allows us to fully understand your specific needs, helping us serve you better as we take care of your greenery throughout the year.
  • We can protect your plants in other ways besides just cutting them back. We can help you eliminate disease and pests, as well as re-vegetate your yard in ways that will make it more visually appealing.
  • The Parke Company’s team of landscaping experts can be relied on for guidance regarding a myriad of landscape design options, from turning your yard into a natural wildflower meadow to enhancing the beauty of your property by integrating deciduous trees and shrubs into your landscape design.
  • We can ensure that your plants are in the best condition possible. We can help you establish a healthy and natural ecosystem with plants that will thrive regardless of the conditions imposed on them.
  • We are available 24/7, so we can reach you at any time throughout the year. Our company is also equipped with snow blowers, tractors, snow plows, and many other heavy-duty machines that can help us protect your landscape when needed.
  • We can help you plan a landscape design and custom-fit it for your property, ensuring that it is functional and aesthetically pleasing. Additionally, we can create a sustainable, eco-friendly design that lets you enjoy nature at its best.
  • We offer affordable pricing to help make the most of your budget. Our pricing is based on the amount of work involved in taking care of your landscape rather than on the number of services provided. When you work with The Parke Company, you can avoid feeling overwhelmed by an overpriced quote.

Call us today at 615-350-6033 to schedule your winter landscape maintenance session. We’ll be happy to provide you with a free consultation and estimate to help you decide whether our services are right for your landscaping needs.

Tree Service Companies: Why Working with Local Professionals Is Best

Company removing a tree on a golf course.

Many factors come into play when comparing tree service companies. A quick online search will show you countless options of all sizes. You might be tempted to hire a national brand for its sheer size and name recognition, but bigger isn’t necessarily better. In fact, the smaller companies nearby can often offer better services, lower prices, and more personalized care. Here we’ll explore why working with a local tree service is best for your property, budget, and peace of mind.

What Do Tree Companies Do?

Before you even run a search for “tree trimming service near me,” it helps to know what you’re getting into and whether such a company can provide the services you need. Tree services tackle many aspects of tree care, and some may offer additional landscaping services to boot. For the most part, a tree service company will provide the following services:

  1. Tree Trimming

Trimming is the process of pruning, removing dead or damaged branches, and shaping the plant. This service can be done on any tree species and is usually to maintain the tree or improve its overall appearance.

  1. Tree Removal

Tree service companies are also involved with removing dead trees either due to natural causes or because they pose a threat to your people or property.

  1. Fire Hazard Mitigation

When fires erupt, tree service companies become handy in removing branches too close to a building. In most cases of fire, there is a significant chance that the building will be damaged because of debris or fallen branches.

  1. Landscaping

Landscaping is an umbrella term for processes that improve the health and appearance of green spaces, including mowing, edging, planting new trees and ornamental plants, fertilizing and testing soil, raising tree canopies, and so on. A local tree service will best advise its clients on the plants that will work best for them and their property.

  1. Stump Removal/Grinding

This is the process of removing stumps either manually or with the use of machines. A lingering stump can become a tripping hazard and attract pests and fungi.

  1. Crane Services

Crane services involve the moving of heavy loads with the help of cranes. This service is mainly used for large trees or if you have several trees that need to be removed.

  1. Storm Debris Removal and Repair

Severe storms can incur serious damage to landscapes and properties. Necessary repairs may include removing storm-damaged tree branches and limbs or cleaning up storm debris.

  1. Cabling and Bolting

A tree service provider might also improve a tree’s structural integrity by redistributing its weight and helping it stand more upright via cables and bolts.

Benefits of Working with Local Tree Professionals

Now that you have a sense of what tree services do, here’s why it’s best to keep it local.

Close Knowledge of the Locale

When a tree service operates in your region, they inherently understand the local weather patterns, ecosystem, and other nuances. If you’re in a region that experiences strong winds, tree services will know how much protection to offer them. Other climate concerns like drought, hurricanes, extreme heat or cold, etc. all factor into how to best care for local landscapes and trees.

Local Connection and Support

When hiring a local tree cutting service, it’s best to go with one that’s already involved in your community. Working with these close-to-home businesses boosts the local economy while beautifying the neighborhood. Plus, people you already trust are bound to recommend the best local trees services in your area – word of mouth is a powerful endorsement and benefits both the customer and the tree company.

Effective Communication

Anyone you hire, whether a babysitter or a tree trimming service, must maintain strong communication throughout. Otherwise, you can quickly become kept in the dark regarding problems, price changes, timelines, and more. Getting a hold of large, national tree service brands can be a nightmare of red tape and telephone tag. Compare this headache with the simplicity of a local phone call with the smaller tree service down the road. Simply put, a local tree service is more likely to get back to you and keep you in the loop than some giant corporation.

Quick Assessment of Damage

Effective communication also helps in the efficient evaluation of the damage. Local providers can get to the site quickly and let you know what needs to be done without delay. A quick assessment helps you decide how much the project will cost and who to choose for your tree services.

Trust and Reputation

If a company is trusted in your neighborhood, it’s worth seeking them out. Once again: word of mouth is powerful. There’s more at stake for a local tree company than a larger competitor. After all, the local provider must face its community every single day – if it loses favor with the community, it might go out of business. By sticking with a local business with a solid reputation, you can rest assured they earned that reputation and intend to keep earning it.

Fair Pricing

Though the biggest companies can sometimes undercut the local competition because they can, smaller businesses tend to offer competitive pricing to stay afloat. The average cost of living varies from region to region, so hiring a local tree service will help keep these costs in line. Plus, local tree services have less overhead to worry about than their larger competitors – some of these savings get passed down to you, the customer.

Trust The Parke Company for Nashville, TN Tree Services

For residents residing in Nashville, TN, and Middle TN, The Parke Company is the best local tree service to work with. We offer a wide range of tree services, including tree trimming, removal, cabling, municipal services, and stump removal, along with irrigation, landscape maintenance, and more. Call us today at 615-350-6033 to learn more about our offerings. We’ll be happy to provide you with a free consultation and estimate to help you decide whether our services are right for your landscaping needs.

The Premier Landscaping Services Perfect for Fall

Colored leaves on the ground in the fall.

Fall is a fantastic time for family gatherings, community activities, and festive decorations. But as the days grow shorter and the leaves start to fall from their trees, every property owner knows that it’s also time to prepare their outdoor spaces for winter. The Parke Company serving Nashville and Middle Tennessee is here to help you beat the cold weather season and make your outdoor spaces look beautiful for years to come with our full service landscaping services.

How the Transition to Autumn Affects Landscaping Services and Needs

As autumn takes over, yards and gardens begin to wither away – this transition often yields gorgeous colors along the way. During this season, there are a few ideal landscaping services to seek for your yards and gardens. The first service is to trim branches that may have grown into a fence or a power line. There are a few ways to handle this situation: plant new trees and shrubs, remove trees and shrubs that are no longer useful for your yard, and reshape them by trimming them up. Debris removal is another ideal service for fall, as the season’s winds, rains, and falling leaves produce plenty of detritus.

This time of year is also prime for lawn fertilization. This important task protects the health of your lawn even when it’s lying dormant during winter. Proper fertilization will, in fact, shorten this dormant period and help your lawn spring back to life after winter’s end. Meanwhile, continue mowing your lawn until the grass completely stops growing. Grinding up fallen leaves along the way will allow your lawn to breathe as the season progresses. The Parke Company can also provide lawn aeration services this time of year, test your soil, and more.

Preparing Your Green Spaces for Winter

Taking care of your lawn during autumn helps you prepare it for winter. Even in an area that enjoys milder winters like Nashville, TN, cold conditions, snow, and other wintry factors can do serious damage to your green spaces if they’re not well-protected. Investing in the services outlined above and removing any dead or dying plants will help keep your landscapes healthy and beautiful throughout the winter season.

Beyond these acts, however, you must also consider the state of your irrigation system. You won’t be needing your sprinklers during winter, so it’s important to shut down these systems prior to the first frost. Keeping your irrigation system active during winter can freeze and clog valves, permanently damaging these components. By the time spring rolls back around, you may be faced with major irrigation repairs. The Parke Company offers full irrigation winterization and restart services so you can bring your lawn back to life as soon as the weather allows.

Why Hire Professionals From The Parke Company

At The Parke Company, all of our full service landscaping offerings are performed by certified, qualified, and experienced employees to ensure top-notch services. We provide various landscape service options to our residential and commercial customers, including pre-construction consultation, landscape design, landscape installation, maintenance, irrigation shutdowns and restarts, planting, mowing, trimming, and more.

When you call The Parke Company to schedule a consultation with our team, we will help you decide which premier landscaping services best suit your property for the season. Call us today at 615-350-6033 to schedule your autumn or winter landscape maintenance session. We’ll be happy to provide you with a free consultation and estimate to help you decide whether our services are right for your landscaping needs.

Why Hiring a Tree Removal Service with a Certified Arborist is the Best Option

Company removing a tree.

Trees are terrific, but they can also terrorize your property. Whether from old age, a lack of maintenance, or natural phenomena, trees can shed hazardous debris onto your landscape and structures, if not collapse entirely. If your home or business is at risk of this tree-related destruction, it’s best to have the tree(s) in question removed. However, tree removal is a delicate process, and even a small error can result in major safety concerns and costly damage. Fortunately, there are third-party organizations dedicated to teaching and certifying tree removal professionals to ensure the best outcomes – chief among them is the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA), which oversees a Certified Arborist® program for companies with at least three years of full-time experience in arboriculture (e.g., tree care companies, nurseries, landscaping companies, and more).

The Parke Company proudly brandishes its ISA Arborist Certification, giving our clients peace of mind. Here’s why hiring a tree removal service with ISA Arborist Certification is always the way to go for your home or business.

Why You Should Hire a Tree Removal Service With ISA Arborist Certification

Certified Arborists Know the Ins and Outs of Trees

Receiving ISA Arborist Certification requires comprehensive knowledge and skills related to tree care. According to the ISA’s Certified Arborist® Application Guide, “When you become an ISA Certified Arborist®, you are recognized by your peers and the public as a tree care professional who has attained a generally accepted level of knowledge in areas such as tree biology, diagnosis, maintenance practices, safety, and other subject and practice areas within the tree care profession as identified through periodic job task analyses.” Put simply, when hiring a certified arborist to take care of your trees, you’ll already know that the provider is bringing detailed knowledge and experience to the table – not just in one category, but in 10 areas of knowledge laid out by the certification’s written exam:

  • Soil Management
  • Identification and Selection
  • Installation and Establishment
  • Safe Work Practices
  • Tree Biology
  • Pruning
  • Diagnosis and Treatment
  • Urban Forestry
  • Tree Protection
  • Tree Risk Management

The benefits of tree removal services featuring this level of knowledge cannot be overstated. After all, tree removal is only one of many services that will keep your landscape healthy and your property safe from harm.

Ensure Safety at Your Property

As mentioned above, safe work practices constitute a significant portion of ISA Arborist Certification. The first objective outlined in the guide is to “advance the knowledge and application of safe work practices in all arboricultural operations.” To achieve and maintain certification, applicants must stay up to date on the most current ANSI (American National Standards Institute) Z133 Standard – Safety Requirements for Arboricultural Operations. These standards deal with the proper use of relevant tools and equipment, avoidance of electrical hazards, safe climbing methods, general procedures, and more. ISA Certified Arborists also keep customers and their properties safe by keeping trees healthy and sturdy. While any tree removal service should adhere to these safety guidelines, you can rest assured that Certified Arborists are constantly primed to manage risk and maximize safety before, during, and after the job.

Adherence to High Ethical Standards

When hiring any kind of service, you only want to deal with companies you can trust. No matter the industry or specialty, unethical business practices are all too common, resulting in unfair pricing, shoddy outcomes, inappropriate and unprofessional behavior, and so on. And it’s not always easy to determine whether or not a company is trustworthy until after you’ve hired them. As such, it helps to rely on an objective party like the ISA’s Credentialing Council to determine a contractor’s integrity beforehand.

According to the ISA Certified Arborist® Application Guide, “The ISA Certified Arborist® credential is subject to ongoing requirements, such as participation in continuing education activities and abiding by the ISA Certified Arborist® Code of Ethics.” This ethical code details and dictates all aspects of a tree removal company’s professional behavior, including how well they comply with laws, regulations and standards, how truthfully they represent information to customers, municipalities, and certification agencies, how to avoid conflicts of interest, and much more.

The entire ISA Code of Ethics can be read here.

Finding Certified Tree Removal Near Me

If before you were wondering, “Why do we need an arborist with ISA Arborist Certification,” by now the answer should be clear: Hiring a tree removal service with Certified Arborist credentials takes the guesswork out of finding a knowledgeable, experienced, safety-oriented, ethical tree service provider. If you’re looking for such a tree service in the Nashville, TN or Middle TN areas, look no further than the certified specialists at The Parke Company.

Call us today at 615-350-6033 or contact us online!

Why Now Is the Best Time to Hire Irrigation Repair Services

Man repairing an irrigation system.

The cooler air in the mornings and at night serves as a reminder that fall is on its way, even in a warmer area like Nashville, TN. And as summer comes to a close, you might put lawn care on the back burner. Even a busted irrigation system might not seem like a pressing matter for a while, but waiting until spring to fix or install your watering system can be a costly and frustrating endeavor. Here are some reasons early autumn is actually the best time to hire irrigation repair services for your home or business.

Why Early Autumn is the Best Time to Hire Irrigation Repair Services

Soil Conditions Are Right for the Job

Irrigation installation and repairs are best done when the soil is relatively soft, somewhat moist, and neither too cool nor too hot. This goldilocks zone can be hard to come by, however. During the summer, soil temperatures are often in the upper 80s (Fahrenheit) and dry to boot. By September, these temperatures begin to drop until they’re in the 50s by November, and the soil softens significantly. Irrigation services can work more efficiently and do less damage to your lawn by tackling installations and repairs during this period, making fall the optimal time for them.

Steer Clear of Surge Pricing

Though autumn offers ideal conditions for irrigation repairs, most people are focused on lawn irrigation during the spring and summer. And when demand for irrigation services increases, so does the cost of these services. Put simply, attempting to tackle irrigation repair in the spring or summer is often much more expensive than waiting until fall when demand has died down. Likewise, it’s much easier to find a reliable repair company and schedule their services on short notice when their calendars aren’t so tightly wound. So, if you want to hire the best irrigation repair professionals at the best price, it’s wise to make this investment during the fall.

Lawn Aesthetics Won’t Matter as Much

People pay the most attention to their landscapes during the spring and summer. This is when it’s possible to achieve lush green lawns and take advantage of all the seasonal flowers in bloom. While you don’t want your lawn to look dishevelled outside of these seasons, fall debris and cooler temperatures will render even the most well-kempt lawns inert for some time. Knowing this, hiring landscaping services to fix your irrigation system during fall is completely practical. After all, these repairs often involve digging up portions of your lawn – something you won’t want to do during the spring and summer when the goal is to keep up exterior appearances. By tackling this project during the fall, you won’t have to feel so self-conscious about what your lawn looks like, since the landscapes around you will also be dealing with seasonal issues of their own (e.g., dormant grass, fallen leaves, etc.).

One Less Thing to Worry About in the Spring

Spring may be the start of the landscaping season, but you won’t want to battle a broken irrigation system as you prepare to revive your lawn. It’s much better to get your watering solutions in order before winter so you can hit the ground running as soon as spring arrives – this means tackling irrigation repair and installation during the fall. You’ll thank yourself in a matter of months for getting it done at this time rather than waiting.

Lawn Irrigation Services Near Me

There’s still plenty of time in Nashville to address any irrigation concerns you may have, but don’t wait too long. The Parke Company would be happy to be your choice for irrigation installation, repairs, and upgrades this season and beyond. We are passionate about cultivating a beautiful landscape for your home, office, or municipal property. Call us today at 615-350-6033 or contact us online!