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The summer of 2020 may be a bit less exciting than you had previously planned. For many of us, vacations have been postponed or cancelled, parties have been reduced to small gatherings, and daily interactions have dropped to a bare minimum.  At this point, we are all doing everything we
The Parke Company landscape maintenance in Nashville garden
Spending weeks or months cooped up indoors has left many of us restless and ready for something to shake up the mundane. One of the best ways to change up your environment and get out of the quarantine funk is to engage in a landscaping project.  Aside from planting flowers
Parke Company dead tree removal
Be Safe and Trust Professionals With Tree Removal A do-it-yourself project always starts off as a good idea. You may get the opportunity to learn a new skill. You might save money. Plus, you get to revel in the glory of a job personally well done.  In most situations, however,
Parke Company soil in gardener's hands
Know Your Options and Pick the Best Fertilizer for You As the spring months slip by, so do our chances of preparing our landscapes for summer gatherings and backyard hangouts. Creating a beautiful backyard landscape is a lot more involved than just lawn mowing and sprinkling a few seeds.  For
Dandelion weeds in a Tennessee lawn
Watch Out for These Weeds in Your Tennessee Lawn Blowing on dandelions and watching their fluffy seedlings float through the air is a cherished summertime memory nearly everyone can relate to. But if you remember the joy of playing with dandelions, you can probably also recall the frustration of your

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