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Late fall tree planting

Why Late Fall and Early Winter Are Best for Tree Planting in Nashville, TN

As the days grow shorter and temperatures start to drop, you might be thinking that your work on your landscaping can take a nice long pause when the weather’s cold. While it might sound counter-intuitive, many arborists recommend planting trees in the late fall and early winter over any other time of year. Here are the primary reasons this season works best for planting trees in Nashville.

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An arborist cutting down a tree

Is Cutting Trees Down Dangerous? What You Should Know About Safe Tree Removal

Trees are the largest feature of any landscape, and while the trees on your property contribute to its beauty, they should also be taken seriously. When it comes to tree removal, the act of cutting it down needs to be conducted in a safe and professional manner. Read on to learn about the risks tree removal can pose, and how to prevent damage.

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A woman landscaping in fall.

What Landscaping Should Be Done in the Fall?

Fall is the perfect season to get some critical landscaping done, whether it’s maintenance or entirely new work. Here are the landscaping services you need for this autumn in preparation for winter and the coming spring.

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