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Cold Weather Care for Your Trees

It might seem a bit odd, but even with the cold weather and all of the leaves on the ground, now is the perfect time to work on the trees and bushes that line your lawn or business’s property. Not only is the cool weather – like the kind that is rapidly approaching the Nashville area – the perfect time[…]

All That’s Left are the Leaves

It’s that time of the year again in Nashville, when looking out your window leads to images of a ragged-looking lawn covered in the dead and dying, instead of the nice, tidy, and trim emerald grass you are used to seeing. Yes, we are living in the days of autumn, when the leaves are falling in full force, leading to[…]

Let’s Get Festive: Decorating Tips for the Holidays

October is the beginning of the holiday season. You have Halloween, followed by Thanksgiving, and then right on into Christmas and New Year’s, to say nothing of all of the little extra family gatherings that exist along the way. While it’s nice to decorate for the seasons, and a little bit of holiday cheer can be just the thing to[…]

Cleaning Things Up: Easy Tips to Make Your Lawn Look Better

While the weather is nice, you might be taking advantage of it by spending more time outside. Not necessarily doing yard work and the like, but just resting easy and appreciating what you have. Of course, you might be on the opposite side of the equation, which finds you inside looking at everyone else’s wonderfully manicured and generally better looking[…]

Winter is Coming: Getting Your Lawn Ready

As more and more pages are torn from the calendar, we get closer and closer to winter. Recently on this blog we have been discussing the importance of getting things prepared for the impending season of cold winds and snow, but there is one area that we really haven’t discussed: lawn care. When combined with the harsh heat the Nashville[…]

Autumn Tune-Up: Getting Your Lawn Ready For the Fall

Spring and summer are usually thought of as the time for landscaping, what with all of the extra daylight and the general theme of growth. Winter is usually reserved for snow maintenance and preparing for the upcoming growing season, leaving autumn lost in the shuffle. It doesn’t have to be that way, however, as there are many projects to tackle[…]

Damaging Storms: Picking Up the Pieces Afterwards

After the thunder and the lightning have passed, after the rain has stopped and the floods have receded, what is left? The cleanup. While Nashville and the middle-Tennessee area didn’t face anything close to what Hurricane Harvey did to the south coast, we did get our fair share of damage from the storm. A simple walk outside in the following[…]

Composting: Taking the old and making it new

Autumn is getting close in Nashville – you can practically smell the pumpkin pies baking and hear the sounds of backyard football games. That means you can probably smell the aroma of rotting leaves and see the buildup soon to overtake your lawn as well. What should you do with the leaves falling aimlessly to the ground, and if only[…]

Time to Get Rid of That Tree: Tips For Removing Unwanted Stumps, Branches and Trunks

It’s getting late in the summer, which means that the number of free days available for summer projects is dwindling. Sure, the heat and generally warm climate here in Nashville and the mid-Tennessee area means residents have more time than most, but do you really want to try to fit in removing that pesky stump come football season? Trees tend[…]

Time to Get Your Lawn Into Shape With a Topiary

If you have a yard lacking that special something that sets it apart from all the rest, there is a unique eye catcher you might want to look into. There is an endless amount of customization available, so even if someone else on your block has the same idea, the odds of coming up with the same design are almost[…]