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frosted grass

4 Landscaping Resolutions for the New Year and How to Achieve Them

As we ring in 2023 and look forward to a fast-approaching spring, you might already be eying your next landscaping project for when things start to warm up. If you’re in the market for some ideas and how to set and implement goals for your lawn and landscaping this year, read on for some inspiration and recommendations.

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Gardener holding mulch

Best Mulching and Chipping Ideas to Consider Come Spring

Proper mulching and chipping allow you to control weeds, minimize erosion, and regulate soil temperature by absorbing heat during the day and releasing it during the night. Like other landscaping services, mulching and chipping services are best delivered by accredited experts. At The Parke Company, we have a team of professional landscapers active in preserving, beautifying, and protecting natural scenes; our services are primarily offered in Middle Tennessee and Nashville.

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