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Late Bloomers: A Guide to Late Summer Planting

No one can question that the world moves quickly. It seems like not that long ago, the area was on the brink of summer, but here we are, with the kids already complaining about back-to-school ads taking over the airways. The point is, if you were thinking about planting new flowers, time is running out if you want to take[…]

Fighting the Invaders: Tips For Dealing With Weeds and Vines

It seems like once you have a garden or a landscape that you like, you will spend far more time taking care of it than you will enjoying it. Of course, that’s part of the fun of watching your garden grow and prosper; it’s not as satisfying if you don’t put a certain amount of sweat and blood back into[…]

Cool in the Shade: Plants That Do Well With Little Sunshine

One of the most difficult things about growing plants and flowers is that they have specific requirements when it comes to the sun. Lack of sun is not usually a problem in Tennessee, where the sun is out on a regular basis, but maybe you don’t have a garden that is in direct sunlight, or maybe you live in an[…]

Beat the Heat by Adding a Swimming Pool

It gets pretty hot in Nashville and the surrounding areas, and tends to stay hot longer than many places. While there are many ways to stay cool during the summer months, only one provides a degree of physical activity that won’t make you want to die afterwards, and that is swimming. Of course, for many this means heading to a[…]

Addition by Subtraction: The Importance of Landscape Removal

One of the more common things we talk about on this blog is the addition of things. You need to add a new pool, a fountain, or certain kinds of flowers and bushes. Sometimes, however, in order to make your lawn look nice, you need to take something out of it, whether that be an old stump that’s just kind[…]

Spruce up your patio this summer

It is a time honored tradition, one that families and friends across the country engage in on a regular basis during the summertime: gathering outside on the patio for food and fellowship. Of course for some people, the patio is an underlooked area, especially in places where the winter months are particularly harsh. Even here in Tennessee, patios can become[…]

Edible and Effective: Why Your Garden Needs More Fruits and Vegetables

Thanks to modern advances in technology and science, more and more people are able to adequately grow their own food. For many this is a little hobby, usually kept to a smaller plot in the backyard, or perhaps in a small box on the windowsill. It doesn’t have to be that way, however, as the benefits from incorporating edible plants[…]

Seeding For the Future: Tips For Your New Grass

Regardless of whether your lawn is in need of a small patch of grass or a complete overhaul, laying down new sod or planting seeds is a lot of work. In theory it should be pretty easy, right? I mean, grass grows pretty much everywhere except on rocks or sandy beaches, so just how difficult could it be? The truth[…]

Keep Your Yard Trim with Tree Maintenance

When it comes to making your lawn look nice, there are a lot of things you can do, and only a little time to do it. Trees tend to be forgotten about because the leafy giants are pretty self-sufficient, but a little trimming is one of the most important things you can do as far as maintenance goes. You never[…]

Curb Appeal: How a Nice Lawn Can Help

Real estate in Nashville is getting to be pretty ridiculous, especially if you are trying to buy a home. On the other hand, if the hustle and bustle of New Nashville is getting to be too much, then now is the perfect time to sell, because you will probably make a lot of money and sell pretty quickly. Of course,[…]