3 Ways to Take the Hard Work Out of Home Landscaping

With spring around the corner, it’s time to get serious about your spring and summer gardening plans. If you have never gardened before (or if you have not enjoyed previous attempts), it’s important to learn some methods that can save you a lot of time and energy, while yielding excellent results. Gardening may be a labor of love, but the[…]

Create a Sense of Peace and Prosperity with a Backyard Pond

As anyone who has spent any time in Nashville can tell you, the only thing hotter than our summers is our famous hot chicken. One way to fight back against the oppressive heat is with the addition of a tasteful pond. Watch and wonder at how a new pond in your backyard changes not only the way the season affects[…]

3 Signs that Your Tree Needs to Be Cut Down

Trees are the most beautiful plant companions you can have in a yard or property. They serve many purposes, and ask very little. We’ve all enjoyed fruit, shade and beauty from trees, and maybe you’ve even had the pleasure of watching one of your own seedlings growing up into a mature tree. But all good things must come to an[…]

3 Ways to Improve Soil for Plants, Trees, and Shrubs

Gardening can be one of the most rewarding hobbies you could ever have. But it can also be one of the most frustrating. We’ve all had the experience of putting a plant in the earth, only to watch it promptly languish and die. This is disheartening, and can cause people to give up the cause. But there is always a[…]

Choosing the Best Landscaping Elements for Your Rental Property

When most people hear the word “landscaping” they think of plants and natural design elements that fit their own personal preferences. Many of the projects that the Parke Company takes part in are to implement the elements of someone’s personal vision – often in the land that surrounds the house in which they live. For some clients, landscaping isn’t meant[…]

Choosing Shrubs that Thrive in Hot Nashville Summers

One of the questions we get asked most often at the Parke Company is “What are some plants and shrubs that will survive hot Nashville summers?” If you’ve lived in Nashville for more than a couple of years, you have experienced your share of summer scorchers. It’s not uncommon for new home gardeners to grow plants that are ill-suited to[…]

3 Simple Methods for Pruning Evergreen Trees

Pruning evergreens can be an intimidating task for newbies. We perform these tasks every day at The Parke Company, but we understand that pruning can be baffling to nonprofessionals. After all, you don’t want to damage your beloved evergreens, or cut too much away and have them looking awkward. The Parke Company would be happy to take this task off[…]

Add a Little Color to Brighten up your Lawn

Although the weather in Nashville has been pretty warm this year, it can be a little disconcerting to look out the window and see a whole lot of dead, brown and  generally gross looking lawns. While most flowers and bushes will not bloom until May at the earliest, we at the Parke Company believe it does not mean that you[…]

Mulching & Chipping: Prepping Your Landscape For Spring

It may seem a little early to start talking about Spring but it’s not too early to start developing a plan to guarantee your landscape will be at it’s healthiest when the warmth returns.  The Parke Company is committed to the year-round health of your landscape and environment.  Through sustainable green practices and our highly trained ISA (International Society of[…]

An Interview with Parke Browne

At the Parke Company, we have a passion for trees.  We believe that trees enrich people’s lives in many important ways.  This belief is strongly instilled through the visionary, and inspirational leader of our company, Mr. Parke Brown.  In a recent interview, Mr. Brown took some time to discuss the amazing power of trees and the beautiful role they play[…]