What Are Arborist Consulting Services and How Can They Enhance Your Property?

When it comes to tree care, there is no better expert than an arborist. Arborist consulting services can greatly enrich your property environmentally and, by extension, aesthetically. Let’s explore how you can benefit from arborist consulting services.

What to Know About Arborist Consulting Services

Defining Arborist Consulting Services

Arborist consulting services are available across the country from certified arborists. Let’s make sure we understand what an arborist is.

What Is a Consulting Arborist?

An arborist is a person with extensive knowledge of trees. That much should be obvious to anyone reading this, but what exactly does an expertise in trees entail? The basic definition of an arborist is a tree surgeon, and it really is that intense. Arborists are experts at diagnosing, preventing, and safely treating tree disease and infection. They literally perform surgery on trees because trees are complex living organisms that can die from something as simple as improper pruning. Now that you understand the delicate nature of being a tree surgeon, let’s learn more about what a consulting arborist is and what they can do.

The Levels of Arboriculture

Did you know that in order to become a certified arborist, you need to pass an exam? When you want to take tree care seriously, you call an arborist. Tree experts with at least three years of full-time experience in the professional tree care industry can take an exam to become certified arborists. The American Society of Consulting Arborists has many levels of membership, but being a certified arborist is a major milestone. Beyond that title, the role of a consulting arborist requires even more certification and experience. If you’re working with a consulting arborist, you can rest assured that you’re getting the best of the best. With all this in mind, it’s time to learn what arborist consulting services are available near you.

What does a consulting arborist do? If it involves trees, they do practically everything. Here are some of the specific services you can expect if you work with an arborist from The Parke Company.

Planning and Planting

Many times, when you buy a property, it comes with some trees. But have you ever seen a home or other property that just seems to be a step above the rest when it comes to its greenery? It’s probably because an arborist set out to actually plan the lay of the land. With their unique skills and years of experience, arborists are experts at determining the optimal location for trees around a property. It takes a lot of knowledge to plan a property layout, and it extends further than just knowing which tree to plant. Other considerations a consulting arborist must make when plotting a property include local climate, soil and air quality, drainage, and a variety of other environmental factors. The details a consulting arborist will consider cover everything from the number of trees to the expected canopy size of each and how much sunlight they need.


You might be tempted to prune a tree on your property yourself, but the reality is that this surprisingly delicate process is best left to a professional arborist. There are a few reasons why tree pruning should only be done by an arborist, but one of the primary reasons is your own safety. Pruning a limb, no matter how small, can be dangerous if it’s done improperly. Even if you aren’t climbing a ladder, the risk of personal injury or property damage from pruning accidents is high. That only compounds when the size of the limb is larger or if it’s higher than shoulder height. Arborists have specialized equipment and hundreds of hours of pruning experience under their belts, meaning they’re prepared to safely prune a tree. Without the right equipment, pruning a tree can be extremely dangerous. It’s not just your safety that matters with pruning, however. While it might not seem that complicated, it’s very easy to improperly prune a tree. Besides leaving the tree looking a little lopsided, improper pruning can invite a variety of pests and diseases to set up residence in your tree. Pruning a tree involves wound care because a removed branch will leave live wood exposed to the elements. A consulting arborist can ensure that the pruned limbs are removed safely for you, your property, and the tree itself.

Tree Removal

Fully removing a tree is a big undertaking. Much like pruning but on a much larger scale, safely cutting down a tree takes a lot of planning and skill. Trees can be massive, and that scale is often missed when you’re looking at it standing securely in your yard. They can weigh tons, and just cutting them down without planning can be very dangerous. An arborist can assess the tree’s health and determine the best way to remove it. Typically, arborists cut down trees in pieces. First, they will remove the lower limbs of a tree, using ropes to guide their fall to ensure safety. Next, they will take off the top portion of the tree and continue downward, cutting roughly equal-sized pieces until the tree is down to the stump. This process involves complicated cuts, repositioning of ladders or bucket loaders, and a number of safety measures that the average homeowner doesn’t have at their disposal. Ultimately, tree removal is a complicated job that should be left to consulting arborists.

While there are many other services that consulting arborists can provide, these encompass the major elements of their profession. No matter what your tree problem or concern is, an arborist can help you get it right. If you’re looking for a consulting arborist near you, look no further than the experts at The Parke Company.