What Landscape Installations Have the Highest ROI for Homes?

Whether you plan to be in your home for five years or 50, it never hurts to think of the landscaping improvements you can make that can best improve its value. Read on to learn some of the better landscape installation investments to consider for your home’s ROI.

Landscape Installation Investments to Consider for Your Home’s ROI

Don’t Overlook the Simple Stuff

There are many affordable but impactful landscaping changes you can make to your home that will improve its curb appeal and value for years to come. Does landscaping increase a home’s value? Absolutely! Your house’s value is not all about the home. Your land and the greenery and decor on that land can actually improve your value immensely.

Luckily, many of the most meaningful improvements to your landscaping aren’t huge and expensive projects, but they’re still best left to the experts. Adding flowers and garden beds or shrubs can all help boost your green space and your property value. Mulch can do a lot for curb appeal and help prevent weeds and unsightly growth where you don’t want them. The best bet for a great garden bed is to let the experts handle it. Some of the most crucial factors in a beautiful garden bed are placement, drainage, and sun exposure. These are all things that a landscaping company will be able to figure out for you, making the process simple. Laying down mulch and planting some annual flowers on your own can look good for a few weeks, but things aren’t going to last if you don’t plan for the future. Choosing the proper plants and grading the garden to drain properly will require experience.

In addition to helping with your curb appeal and adding color to your lawn, gardens can also help with preventing water damage to the home. Whether or not you have a basement, diverting rain away from your home’s foundation can help keep things dry. Nobody wants a leaky basement, and while a garden won’t solve a severe problem, it can truly benefit your bottom line and budget for home improvement in the years to come. If you’re new to a home, or if you’ve been there for years and noticed a decline in your grass’s health, don’t despair. Landscaping companies like The Parke Company can help get your lawn back into ship shape. From overseeding and aeration in the spring to full turf replacements, you’ll never wonder again whether landscaping can improve a home’s value.

If you’re not sure whether a garden is right for you, installing healthy, lush sod on a struggling lawn can be all you need to restore its former glory. The process of digging up lackluster grass and replacing it with sod is quicker than trying to grow it back, so if you’re in a hurry to see a return on your landscaping investment, this process might be just what you need.

Hardscapes to Improve Concrete Value

Landscape installation isn’t all about planting, though. There are many hardscapes that you can install to improve property value and make your life easier at the same time. Hardscapes range from outdoor garden decor to new walkways and full irrigation systems for your lawn. Making the most of your outdoor space is simple with hardscapes. Large projects like patio installations or other outdoor construction bring the most bang for your buck. Homebuyers view a welcoming patio or backyard as an extension of the living space. Having a firepit or pergola and sitting area can be a huge draw for people looking to do outdoor entertaining. Whether you plan to sell or not, you can enjoy the benefits of a hardscape installation for years to come.

Pavers around walkways or pathways through the garden in your backyard can be excellent additions to your home’s aesthetic and your general enjoyment. Spending more time outside in your yard gives you more to do and see around the home. Transforming your yard with hardscapes doesn’t have to be extensive and costly. Many small additions like outdoor decor and a stone pathway can give your yard a lot of character quickly and affordably. Wooden archways combined with natural elements like vining plants can create a beautiful and unique ambiance for your yard.

Hardscapes are an incredibly versatile tool to rely on for improving your home’s return on investment. Don’t just take our word for it, either; real estate agents agree that an outdoor area enhanced with hardscapes can increase a home’s value by 15-20%. In 2024’s real estate market, that is quite a bit of money. As a bonus, some of these additions  (if they’re permanent features) count as capital improvements, offering tax breaks after the fact.

When you’re planning your hardscaping, don’t stress. Working with professionals can ensure that your lawn is not only aesthetically pleasing but also a great environment for your plants and trees. Expert installation from a landscaping team like The Parke Company helps ensure that your yard looks great from the start.

Another excellent landscaping installation to improve your home’s ROI is an irrigation system. Sprinkler systems are designed to last, so with proper maintenance, they are a worthwhile investment in your home’s future. Besides their value on a real estate listing, irrigation systems can keep your lawn hydrated year-round, saving you time and money on lawn care. Modern irrigation systems can be scheduled using your smartphone, so you can dial up the water when necessary. This is an especially useful feature to have when you’re trying to keep your lawn healthy during a Nashville summer drought. A lush, green lawn does wonders for your curb appeal, and the turnkey nature of an irrigation system makes it a great perk to list on your real estate listing. Sprinklers are actually more water efficient than manually watering, making them environmentally friendly and easier on your utility bills to boot. While a modern sprinkler system isn’t cheap, it’s the most solid long-term investment you can put into your lawn. Knowing how much a good lawn can help when it comes to selling a home, an irrigation system just makes sense.

Explore Landscape Installations With The Parke Company

Your home’s landscaping can greatly improve its value, both for you and prospective buyers if you sell. Contact The Parke Company to learn how a great landscaping team can help improve your home’s curb appeal on any budget.