Selling Your Property? Landscaping Tips and Tricks to Enhance Curb Appeal

When you’re selling your home and looking for ways to enhance curb appeal quickly, why not start with what’s between the curb and your home? Here are landscaping tips and tricks to enhance your property’s landscaping to improve your home’s curb appeal.

How to Enhance Your Property’s Landscaping to Improve Your Home’s Curb Appeal

Front Yard Improvements

Selling a home can be stressful, and you might overlook key details of your home that could increase its value in the fray of preparing it for showings. How can you make your front yard look expensive without spending a fortune?

One of the easiest and most budget-friendly ways to improve the curb appeal of your home is landscaping maintenance and upkeep. A well-kept lawn and entryway to your property can go a long way toward making an excellent first impression on prospective homebuyers when they visit your home or look at photos online. The first step for improving your lawn’s overall appearance is to remove fallen sticks, pinecones, needles, leaves, and weeds. Depending on the season, mowing your lawn regularly and right before staged photos is a must. Cleaning concrete walkways and other existing lawn decor can help give your lawn a fresh and inviting feeling to people looking for a cozy place to live. Without adding a single thing to your front yard, you can clean it up and make a huge difference.

While cleaning things and keeping your lawn looking pristine can help improve your home’s curb appeal via the landscape, this alone won’t increase a home’s value by a significant margin. Making additions to your front lawn can have a great return on investment when it comes to your home’s sale price. Fortunately, additions to your lawn don’t need to be expensive to raise the property value. Adding garden beds and mulching can give a front yard a much more colorful palette that will draw the eye and get more people to check out your home. Flowers can add a quick pop of color that your home might desperately need. Other easy curb appeal landscaping strategies include planting new trees. Saplings give people the impression of newness in a home and instill homebuyers with a sense of growing alongside their new home. Picking the proper trees to plant in your lawn can be a challenge since some trees work in certain landscapes and others may not. Consulting a local landscaping company with a certified arborist can ensure that you’re picking the right additions to your lawn so that you not only enhance its beauty but also improve the local ecosystem.

Work with the experts at The Parke Company for all of your landscaping improvement needs, and you won’t be disappointed. When you’re selling a home, you may not have time to get to all the lawn care your property needs, and that’s fine. If you’re busy or just need a helping hand, let us take care of the maintenance, planting, and mulching in your front lawn.

Tree Care

How do you improve curb appeal with landscaping? Trees are a big part of your home’s overall look, so it’s important to make sure that your trees are healthy and maintained. An arborist is your best bet for improving the health and beauty of your trees. Arborist consulting services include things like pruning and removal, tree inventories, and planning new plantings depending on the needs of your property. In the event that a tree needs to be removed or pruned, you can count on a tree surgeon to properly and safely do the work that needs to be done. Pruning a tree yourself can be so much worse than giving your plants a bad haircut. Trimming even a few branches could lead to asymmetry and make the tree look lopsided. Trees also need to be pruned with precision to ensure that the tree doesn’t die. When you cut a limb, you create a wound in a tree. If improperly done, bad cuts can allow pests and diseases to enter a tree’s system and lead to costly removal services. Your home’s curb appeal is important, and trees are a huge part of what makes a property appealing. Don’t take the responsibility of tree care lightly.

Backyard Enhancements

Backyards aren’t something homebuyers see right away, but they can make a huge impression during a tour. Outdoor decor is one thing to focus on improving, but a growing trend in homes in the 2020s is outdoor living spaces. Buyers want to see outdoor furniture and covered spaces like pergolas, patios, and gazebos in the properties they’re shopping for. These additions to your landscaping aren’t cheap, but they offer a huge return on investment for sellers.

The importance of hardscapes in your landscaping in terms of curb appeal can’t be overstated. Besides patio furniture, pieces like fire rings and fountains can greatly improve your backyard space. While these hardscape upgrades aren’t necessary, these changes can substantially raise the price and attract new buyers. A well-decorated backyard with substantial entertainment space is very important to homebuyers who are able to pay over asking price, and in today’s competitive real estate climate, that’s very important. Anything that can set your home apart from the others on the market is a great way to drum up interest and increase the number of bids, giving you more money than you’re asking for. Homebuyers want to see a home with unique traits inside and out, and hardscapes are a great way to give a home character. In the Nashville area, there is no better option for a landscaping company than The Parke Company. We have decades of experience installing complex and simple hardscaping, and quality is our first priority.

Does Landscaping Help Sell a House?

While it’s important to focus on your home’s structure and interior design before selling, neglecting your green spaces is a major missed opportunity. Curb appeal counts in a big way when luring in potential buyers. And if you plan to list your home, it’s never too early to start boosting its curb appeal. Get the greatest value when selling your home by calling the pros at The Parke Company today.