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Adding Color with Annuals and Perennials

The summer of 2020 may be a bit less exciting than you had previously planned. For many of us, vacations have been postponed or cancelled, parties have been reduced to

The Parke Company landscape maintenance in Nashville garden

Creative Hardscapes: Changing the Flow of your Landscape

Spending weeks or months cooped up indoors has left many of us restless and ready for something to shake up the mundane. One of the best ways to change up

Parke Company dead tree removal

The Dangers of DIY Tree Removal

Be Safe and Trust Professionals With Tree Removal A do-it-yourself project always starts off as a good idea. You may get the opportunity to learn a new skill. You might

Parke Company soil in gardener's hands

Fertilizer Options

Know Your Options and Pick the Best Fertilizer for You As the spring months slip by, so do our chances of preparing our landscapes for summer gatherings and backyard hangouts.

Dandelion weeds in a Tennessee lawn

Common Weeds found in Tennessee

Watch Out for These Weeds in Your Tennessee Lawn Blowing on dandelions and watching their fluffy seedlings float through the air is a cherished summertime memory nearly everyone can relate

Pine straw with a plant

Traditional Mulch Vs. Pine Straw: Which Should You Choose?

Should You Go With Mulch or Pine Straw? As a homeowner or property manager, there are a million different decisions to make when it comes to landscaping. Between flower gardens,

Sprinkler dispensing water

Jumpstarting Your Spring Irrigation System

Get Ahead of Irrigation This Spring Spring has arrived, and in some regions of the U.S., the warmer weather has already begun. After another long winter, you might be tempted

Parke Company pruning a shrub

When is the Best Time of Year to Prune?

When You Should Trim Your Bushes When your natural outdoor spaces start looking shaggy, some pruning and/or trimming is probably in order. But before you get out there with your

A field of flowers in a Nashville lawn

Home Landscaping: 3 Plants and Flowers Perfect for Nashville Weather

The Best Flowers for Your Nashville Home When it comes to landscaping, one size certainly does not fit all. As you might expect, the success of trees and plants has

Coy pond with coy swimming

Backyard Ponds: 4 Benefits of These Water Features

Consider These Water Features When it comes to landscaping, property owners might believe that a pragmatist keeps their landscaping services limited to lawn mowing and more elaborate installations like water

Outdoor residential lighting feature in Nashville

5 Places to Improve Your Home Landscaping with Lighting Features

Improve Your Landscape with Good Lighting Whether your house is on the market or you plan to stay there for years to come, a beautiful exterior is just as important

Active irrigation system

5 Signs Your Irrigation System Needs Maintenance

Watch Out for These Signs of Damaged Irrigation At its best, an irrigation system should make every property owner’s life significantly easier. With the installation of the right irrigation system,

Person's hands with soil

Landscape Maintenance: Should You Be Using a Different Mulch?

Make Sure Your Nashville Home Has the Right Mulch According to the experts at HGTV, one of the best things you can do for your landscape as it pertains to

Parke Company tree decay maintenance

Tree Services: 3 Ways Tree Care Professionals Prevent Tree Decay

Let The Parke Company Take Care of Tree Decay Tree decay is detrimental for a number of reasons. On one hand, tree removals can be a costly, unwanted procedure. Especially

Hands holding a small plant

How Are Landscaping Clippings Recycled and Reused?

Make Your Landscaping Work Renewable In the pursuit of creating a greener planet, how you care for your landscape has never been more important.  While a neighborhood fall cleanup and