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Emergency Tree Service in Nashville: How We Will Help You Handle a Bad Situation

U.S. News & World Report ranked Nashville, Tennessee as the 11th best place to live in the United States. Having deep roots in Nashville and the surrounding area, The Parke…


Emergency Tree Service in Nashville: How We Will Help You Handle a Bad Situation

Why Emergency Tree and Landscaping Services Are Necessary For Nashville and the Surrounding Areas U.S. News & World Report ranked Nashville, Tennessee as the 11th best place to live in…

pond and trees

Landscaping: Comprehensive Planning, Budgeting, and Installation the Parke Way

From tree removal to brush clearing, lawn aeration to stump grinding, leaf vacuuming to firewood processing, locally owned and operated The Parke Company is Nashville’s go-to for landscaping  services. We…

Emergency Tree Service: How Fast Response Times Will Save You Money

Nashville has more than its fair share of wind storms. In fact, in 2016, Nashville was cited as the windiest city in the country, with 11 serious wind-related events. Inevitably,…

2018 Guide to Property Irrigation: Everything You Need to Know

The Parke Company is Nashville’s leading landscaping services provider, specializing in tree service, lawn maintenance, hardscape installation, and, of course, irrigation systems. We have been providing irrigation design, installation, and…

Avoiding Common Landscaping Mistakes

If you are an avid DIY enthusiast, you’ve probably taken a stab at doing a little landscaping in your Nashville lawn. The upside of DIY projects is the satisfaction of learning…

Is Your Nashville Lawn Ready for a Fountain?

Water features like ponds, waterfalls, and fountains are exceptionally popular additions to Nashville landscapes. And why wouldn’t they be? Water, specifically the sound of moving water, has always been associated…

Rooted in Nashville

The Parke Company is Nashville’s trusted landscaping and tree service. We are locally owned, and here to serve you….

Hurricane Felix

Emergency Tree Service – Recovery from a Storm Begins Before it Arrives

Nashville is no stranger to violent weather. Hail and wind or even a freak snowstorm can substantially disrupt personal and business lives. While we don’t get hurricanes, we do get winds…

Controlling Crabgrass and Dandelions Without Chemicals

Walt Whitman once wrote about weeds as “plants whose virtues have yet to be discovered.” We’re pretty sure that most Nashville residents are still waiting for those virtues to be…

Summer Grass Care Tips for Nashville Lawns

Summer is coming, Nashville, and it’s time to brush up on a few simple lawn maintenance tips to keep your grass looking lush and beautiful. The combination of hot temperatures…

Springtime Seasonal Landscaping Maintenance in Nashville

Spring has arrived in Middle Tennessee, and people are once again spending more time outside their homes enjoying the great outdoors – even if that “outdoors” is just out back…

Landscaping to Lower Your Energy and Water Bills

We’ve all enjoyed the cooling shade of a tree on a hot, humid Nashville summer day. The relief from the heat is almost instantaneous. Trees are a great natural source…

Springtime Weed Control for Nashville Lawns

Many people believe that weeds, like roaches, will be around when all other living things have ceased to exist. They are the bane of Nashville lawns. There is no permanent…

leaves in water

How to End Standing Water in Your Nashville Lawn

Did you know that Nashville gets over 47 inches of rain each year? If you have an area in your lawn that always seems to attract standing water, you’re probably…