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Six Care Tips for your Newly Installed Landscaping Feature

Landscape installations are a surefire way to add visual interest to your property without completely overhauling the look of your home.  Installations come in a variety of forms. They can


Kid and Pet-Friendly Pest Control for Your Lawn and Garden

Maintaining a lawn and/or garden is a bit of a balancing act, requiring a delicate touch. That tightrope becomes even harder to walk when you have children and pets to


Lawn Mowing and Landscaping: Recommended Mowing Height

When you consider what it takes to keep your lawn and landscaping beautiful and verdant, a few things might come to mind: ensuring everything gets the right amount of sun,


Preparing Your Home for Sale? Don’t Forget Your Lawn and Garden

When selling your home, there are a million different things going through your mind. You need to finish up that retiling project you started a year ago. You need to


Landscaping and Gardening: Is Your Lawn Right for a Home Garden?

A beautiful garden can be one of the most notable and enjoyable features of your property. Aside from gardening being a fun and rewarding discipline, it can also add invaluable

Damaged House

Can You Plan Landscaping to Avoid Tree Damage to Your Home?

Sprawling green lawns and trees that reach up toward the sky can be magnificent features of your home’s landscape design. However, with Nashville’s unpredictable weather, there is a chance you


Home Irrigation and Water Conservation– Can You Do Both?

If you’ve got a green thumb, there’s no doubt that you care a lot about your property. It stands to reason that, as someone who values your land, you’re likely


How to Protect the Beauty of Your Home Landscaping in Tennessee’s Unpredictable Climate

If you’re not too careful, you may make the mistake of assuming that Tennessee’s climate can be lumped in with other nearby states. By slapping the label “southern” on an


5 Ways You Can Improve the Health and Life of Your Trees (Without Tree Removal)

A well-maintained tree (or a number of trees) is an integral feature of every great landscape design. Trees can create natural barriers on your property, provide shade, and tremendously benefit


Municipal Landscaping: What’s a Tree Inventory, and How Can It Help Your City?

If you work in municipal landscaping, your heart’s passion is to beautify and preserve the natural landscape of your city. While every aspect of your town’s landscape design is important,

landscaping and irrigation

Don’t Install New Landscaping Features Without First Doing This

Variety is the spice of life, as they say. If you’re someone who invests a lot of time and energy into your landscape maintenance, you probably get a great deal

landscaping and irrigation

4 Signs Your Irrigation System May Need Repair

The right irrigation system can be every property owners best friend. When functioning properly, irrigation systems ensure that the beauty of your landscape design is maintained, even when the weather


Mulching 101: Choosing and Applying the Right Mulch for Maximum Growth

As much as many of us would simply like to let nature takes its course when it comes to tending our property, the fact of the matter is that lush

landscaping and irrigation

6 Signs It’s Time for Tree Removal

Trees, like any other plant, are living organisms. This means that they will die someday. Proper removal of dying trees is necessary, not only for the general health of your

landscaping and irrigation

Building a Treehouse: Choosing the Right Tree

Nowadays, most children are heavily exposed to screens before the age of three and spend overwhelming amounts of time indoors rather than creating outdoor memories to last a lifetime. People