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Crown Thinning

Most often used for hardwoods, crown thinning removes selected branches and stems to increase air movement and light penetration throughout the crown of the tree.

Deadwood Removal

Removing deadwood is essential to prevent falling debris, which can damage homes, vehicles, power lines, or landscaping.

Weight Reduction

If trees have structural issues, removing weight from outer limbs of older trees can improve their longevity and may be a good alternative to tree removal.

Canopy Raising

Canopy raising increases clearance, decreasing the risk of falling debris and overgrowth. It should be done throughout the life of a tree to improve its health and appearance.

Cabling & Bolting

Cabling and bolting improves structural soundness for trees with weak limb structures by redistributing weight and allowing greater support between trunks and branches.

Tree Removal

Tree removal can prevent safety hazards and risks posed to homes and property, as well as clear space for new construction or expansion near a home or business.

Plant Health Care

Understand the causes of plant and tree decay and enhance the vitality of branches, leaves, trunks, and stems with expert plant health care and maintenance.

Tree Inventories

Creating a detailed inventory of trees and planting sites helps identify problem areas, plan for construction or expansion, and beautify your property.

Stump Grinding

Stump grinding prevents new growth where you want your lawn to remain cleared. It also reduces hazards and lessens pest and insect intrusion in your lawn or garden.

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