Here’s what we do.


Selective removal of branches and limbs

Increases sunlight penetration

Increases air flow

Reduces weight in highly stressed areas.


Removal of all dead and diseased branches

Ensure safety

Enhances the aesthetic structure of your tree


Removal of elongated lower branches

Alleviates overall weight of the tree limbs.


Removal of the lower growing lateral limbs

Ensures sufficient head clearance

Helps maintain a symmetrically formed tree.


Structural support for weak joints

Extra high-strength cable between main stems

Installation of threaded steel into weak joints

Used when considerable structural support is necessary


Removal of an entire tree by qualified technicians

Grinding all apparent surface and feeder roots

Roots down to 8-12 inches below soil grade are ground

Grindings will be left in or near the hole

Complete grinding removal for an additional charge


A comprehensive PHC program

Protects trees against disease and insect infestation

Maintains proper fertilization, water and soil conditions


A comprehensive survey of all trees on your property

Includes identification, location, and condition analysis

Helps you budget your tree care needs

From crown thinning to canopy raising to complete tree removal, fill out the form below to have Parke’s certified arborists provide quality tree care for your property.

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