5 Great Places for Paths and Walkways

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The importance of paths and walkways in the overall landscaping of your yard should never be overlooked. Focusing solely on your garden, pool, or patio, while forgetting to consider how each space is connected can leave your yard feeling disjointed. It is crucial to consider transitions between spaces in your outdoor landscape design.

Paths serve two primary purposes. First, they connect your outdoor spaces, ushering guests toward different destinations in your yard (delineating the way from the pool to the outdoor tiki bar to the barbeque, for example). Alternatively, paths and walkways can be used to simply encourage the enjoyment of your yard. A labyrinth, for instance, is a path meant for strolling, encouraging meditation, or the simple appreciation of your garden.

It’s important to think about your path’s purpose, look and feel, amount of foot traffic, dimension, shape, and which materials you wish to use when designing your ideal walkway.

Ideal Places for Walkways That Truly Enhance Your Landscape

Where to place paths and walkways throughout your outdoor living space depends on a variety of factors – the size of your yards, the outdoor features you wish to highlight, the amount of use you expect each path will get, the purpose your walkway will serve, etc. Below are a few ideal places where paths and walkways will help enhance your overall landscape:

  1. A welcoming front yard walkway not only increases your home’s curb appeal, it also provides an inviting entrance into your house. A beautifully landscaped front yard walkway gives guests an immediate positive impression as they make their way to your front door. As the entryway to your home, you want a front yard path that is visually pleasing, but also easy to walk. A walkway that leads to your front door should be relatively direct, although if you want to highlight certain features of your front yard it can be interesting to include a few slight detours through pleasant surroundings.
  2. Nothing beats a lovely garden path that welcomes you into nature. Enhancing your garden path with fragrance and color sets the tone for the entire area. As the entryway to a key aspect of your outdoor space, you’ll want to ensure the path reflects the same visual and emotive features that your garden offers.
  3. A meandering walkway within your backyard – be it through a rose or vegetable garden, a densely planted oasis that features a plethora of plants, or whatever else your great outdoor space has to offer. These walkways are dedicated to encouraging you to simply zen out, take a leisurely stroll, or enjoy the plants and wildlife that make up your outdoor area. Rather than being a path to a specific destination, meandering walkways curve through your backyard, inviting people to relax, reflect, and take in nature..
  4. Nothing beats a functional path to your pool, fire pit, dining patio, or any other key feature of your backyard.. Walkways that logically lead visitors to each outdoor destination will encourage the use of your various outdoor spaces.
  5. A path to a calming outdoor destination in your yard such as a lookout spot, bench, gazebo, reading nook, or intimate patio deserves a beautiful walkway that gently leads people towards their blissful destination.

The Parke Company Can Lead the Way to Your Ideal Front or Back Yard Path

Whether you are looking to upgrade an existing path or walkway with our landscape maintenance services, or need a new path or walkway installed via our landscape installation services, The Parke Company’s landscaping services will set you on the path to the walkway of your dreams. Locally owned and operated, The Parke Company provides community-centered, high quality, and affordable tree removal and landscape services to municipalities, businesses, and private residences in the greater Nashville area.

We know Nashville. When it comes to lawn services, we have all your bases covered. We know the soil, water tables, plants, seasons, and how each of these may directly or indirectly impact your specific landscape. We have the local experience, knowledge, and know-how to help you manage your landscape and realize your dreams.

Our certified team of Nashville locals has a reputation for being clean, consistent, and professional, and for being leaders in their industries. We at The Parke Company stand behind our work and pride ourselves on our ability to respond quickly, provide efficient and cost-effective services, and meet your needs every step of the way.
Please feel free to give us a call at (615) 350-6033 or contact us online today to see how The Parke Company difference can work for you. You can also ask about how our landscaping service can best support your outdoor living space’s paths and walkways.

Irrigation Project Plan: The Key Decisions to Consider to Plan Your Irrigation Project


What does it take to ensure you have a truly perfect yard, a yard that’s inevitably the envy of the block? It can often start with the perfect irrigation plan. The Parke Company can help you plan, install, test, and maintain an irrigation system that will ensure your plants flourish for years to come. Here are some important aspects to consider as you plan your ideal irrigation project.

Irrigation Project Planning and Design

Before any planning can start, it is critical to measure and draw your property lines, examining the property carefully, and making a map that can be referred to as key decisions are made. During the irrigation system planning and designing process any and all obstacles must be considered –  driveways, walkways, trees, shrubs, decks, etc.

The next crucial step is to identify the different areas of your property (lawn, vegetable garden, flower beds, groves, etc.) and designate watering zones based on the needs of each area. Different watering zones will require different sprinkler heads. An analysis of the watering needs for each area should happen before any key decisions are made. Watering zones should be determined based on the characteristics of the soil, amount of natural light, and the water needs of the plants within that zone. Different plants will, of course, have different watering needs, and shaded areas have different water requirements than those exposed to lots of sun. A well-designed irrigation system will have one type of sprinkler head per watering zone. Each zone will thus use the same type of sprinkler head and have its own valve and appropriate sized pipe to serve those sprinklers. Your irrigation system design should ensure that sprinklers are spaced evenly and spray patterns overlap for complete coverage that makes certain there are no dry patches in your plan.

Key Components For Your Irrigation Project

The key components needed to implement an irrigation system are proper irrigation pipes, sprinkler heads, and valves (preferably with timers). Before you make key decisions around what types of components are needed to implement your irrigation plan, you’ll need to determine the water flow of the entire system. This will inform decisions around what size pipes you will need, how many sprinkler heads you will need, and what type of valves are best suited for your specific needs. Your water source’s GPM (gallons per minute) will also need to be measured in order to design and implement an irrigation plan that best suits your property.

When it comes to irrigation pipes, the pipe length, the number of sprinkler heads the pipe serves, and the water flow (or GPM) for each pipe will determine what size pipe belongs where in your irrigation system. Each watering zone will also require appropriate sized sprinkler heads. Lawn maintenance, for example, will require large sprinklers while flower beds benefit from smaller sprinklers. It is vital that you choose a sprinkler that thoroughly covers the watering zone. Other considerations include whether the area would benefit more from a rotating (rotor) sprinkler head or a fixed spray head. Once you’ve decided what type of sprinkler heads go where, ensure that you have the correct number of sprinkler heads to adequately water the area. Once the layout of water lines and sprinkler heads has been decided, it is important to establish the best placement for the system’s main shut-off valve, which will be connected to the sprinkler valve manifolds. A backflow prevention device valve will also be a vital part of your system in order to prevent unwanted materials from backflowing into your main water supply. Timers are also great assets to include in a quality irrigation system.

Further Considerations to Keep in Mind as You Plan Your Irrigation System

Water conservation should be a primary consideration as you plan your irrigation system. Conserving water is not only vital for the environment, it also prevents excessive water runoff that can cause damage to your lawn. Moreover, water conservation saves you money as it often results in lower utility costs. There are a variety of ways to ensure your system uses optimal water conservation techniques. For starters, you’ll want to set up the system to ensure you are only watering areas that need it while avoiding pavement or other areas that don’t need to be watered. The system should only water at night and in the early morning to prevent evaporation. Timers should be used as efficiently as possible and it is often a good idea to install a rain sensor so the system shuts off during rainfall. You’ll want to choose the smallest sprinkler heads required to cover each watering zone and keep in mind that short bursts of watering are often better than extended periods.

Additional information to consider when making decisions around your irrigation system include potential winterizing strategies, recommendations around what type of underground piping you should use in your area, and even whether or not your area requires permits or has any regulations around irrigation systems.

Let The Parke Company Help Plan the Perfect Irrigation System for You

The Parke Company’s irrigation services include the installation of new systems, re-energizing existing systems, additions and repairs to existing systems, backflow testing, and winterization and spring start up of systems. Our expert irrigators not only ensure excellence in design, installation techniques, and equipment used, but they are also specialists in water and resource conservation. Using pressure-regulated sprays and proper scheduling can make a substantial environmental impact. We’ll make sure you get the best advice when planning your irrigation project to ensure you create the perfect system to fit your needs. Whether you are looking for a new installation or seasonal tune-up, see why an irrigation system is a vital part of your landscaping investment.

Locally owned and operated, The Parke Company provides community-centered, high quality, and affordable tree and landscaping services to municipalities, businesses, and private residences in the greater Nashville area. Our certified team of Nashville arborists and irrigation professionals has a reputation for being clean, consistent, and professional and for being leaders in their industries. We at The Parke Company stand behind our work and pride ourselves on our ability to respond quickly, provide efficient and cost-effective services, and meet your needs every step of the way. To inquire further about The Parke Company’s top-notch lawn services, please feel free to give us a call (615-350-6033) or contact us online today to see how The Parke Company difference can work for you.

How to Handle Ice and Snow Safely (and When to Get Help!)

the parke company snow removal

In Nashville we don’t get a ton of snow and ice, but we get enough. When it does come, one of the biggest challenges is to clear porches, sidewalks, and driveways to prevent slip and falls and get the car safely in and out of the garage.

So, who does this? Some of our clients have longer, tree-lined driveways, others have more traditional lengths. In both cases, clearing ice and snow will be a challenge, one they may decide to take on themselves or find some help.

At the Parke Company, Nashville’s leading landscaping service and tree service, we know a little about snow removal. While we don’t offer “snow mitigation,” we’ve dealt with the aftermath, which unfortunately can result in removing a tree damaged by sloppy use of deicer.

We’d like to pass along a few tips on how to handle snow and ice to ensure your paved surfaces are safe without doing damage to your plants, trees, and lawn.

the parke company snow removal

Snow Removal with Heart

When we talk about heart, we mean yours. If you opt to shovel, snow blow, or spread deicer, there are a few things you should be aware of. First, shoveling snow can either be great exercise or trigger a heart attack. Nashville ERs staff up when it snows because they know they will have a rush of coronary emergencies to deal with.

If you don’t regularly exercise, now is not the time to start. Make arrangements for a snow removal service to tend to the chore. Cold weather drives blood pressure up and cold air rapidly dehydrates the body. Toss in repeatedly lifting shovel loads of snow or pushing a heavy blower and you have the makings of a heart attack.

If you feel pain or “squeezing” in your chest, pain radiating down your left arm, jaw pain, shortness of breath, or you break out in a cold sweat, quit, go inside, and call 911.


The best way to defeat ice is to prepare paved surfaces before the ice actually arrives. Keep an eye on the weather report and when snow or ice is in the forecast, prep your surfaces. If you want to go totally “green,” spread wood chips, straw, or gravel to encourage traction. After the ice arrives, you can spread sand on top. However, all of these “green” solutions need to be cleaned up after the ice thaws.

Deicers are the most common method of clearing snow and ice, and this is where you can do some real damage. One of the favorite deicers is sodium chloride, AKA rock salt. It’s popular because it’s dirt cheap. Salt is a corrosive, and it is capable of burning a pet’s paws as well as killing any grass or bushes that come in contact from the runoff.

Alternatives to rock salt include potassium chloride, calcium chloride, and magnesium chloride. All three are pet and plant friendly. Unfortunately, all three are more expensive than rock salt. The good news is, after a few short months spring will arrive and we at the Parke Company can get back to tree trimming, tree planting and other landscaping tasks. Until then, we wish you a safe and enjoyable winter season.

No Winter Break for This Nashville Landscaper


There may be snow on the way or snow on the ground, but that doesn’t mean the folks at the Parke Company, Nashville’s leading landscaping services organization, are kicking back and taking a winter break.

While it’s true, we do take advantage of the reduced workload to perform maintenance on our equipment, winter is actually an ideal time for an important tree service.

Tree, Hedge, and Shrub Trimming

When cold weather hits and trees shed their leaves, tree structure is easier to see. Winter is an excellent time for trimming trees. When trees are bare, it is far easier to locate failing or dead limbs.

Unless you have extensive tree pruning experience, it’s best to rely on professional tree pruners to remove the damaged limbs. Done correctly, pruning will improve the health of a tree and eliminate the risk of a falling limb.

Almost every type of hedge and shrub that grows in Nashville can be safely trimmed or pruned during the dormant winter months.

When people think “trimming,” they usually think in terms of deciduous trees only, but evergreens are also safe to trim. In fact, evergreens can represent an even greater “falling object” threat because it’s easier for snow to pile up on an evergreen than a naked deciduous limb.

The One Service We Only Do in Winter

There is one business operation that the Parke Company only provides in winter: ice and snow mitigation.

That’s just another way of saying deicing of walkways, driveways, parking lots, porches, and any other surface that might represent a slip and fall risk.

We use a magnesium chloride formula for our application, not a salt based material. Using magnesium chloride eliminates the potential damage to concrete, painted surfaces, and of course, green growing things that salt is responsible for.

Our residential customers appreciate the safety and convenience that clear walkways provide. Commercial clients are sensitive to their liability for slip and fall accidents. Employees and customers of those businesses appreciate the ease of maneuvering an otherwise icy landscape and the minimal risk of a fender bender in the parking lot resulting from spinning tires.

There is one other service that we will be doing this year. The Parke Company has been selected to help decorate Tennessee’s Holiday Tree at the state capitol!

Nashville Winters: An Excellent Time to Plan

A perfectly landscaped space doesn’t happen by accident. At the Parke Company, our specialty is installing and renovating landscapes. Before the first piece of field work is performed, every aspect of the landscaping and hardscaping is plotted out.

That means that every type of tree, shrubs, flowers, hardscaping pieces, and sod has to be selected and located on paper.

In a way, installing or renovating a landscape is similar to building a house. Our skilled landscapers follow a blueprint to create the finished product.

Creating that blueprint takes time, a lot of time. A client meeting takes place to establish the client’s goals and specific preferences. Time is required for the actual design. Another meeting with the client for approval of the concept is required to get the project off the drawing board.

Time is something that is in short supply for us during the warmer months. Winter is ideally suited for planning.

So while we won’t be out installing landscapes in the snow, we won’t be taking a break either. Winter is just another season of work for us.

Cleaning up the streets: Municipal services for you

storm debris stuck in tree

As anyone who lives in Nashville can tell you, the weather is pretty unpredictable. Despite the best efforts of our local meteorologists, trying to plan your day can be difficult when you were expecting a nice sunny day and get a thunderstorm straight out of the book of Revelation. Keeping that in mind, imagine how difficult it must be for cities around the Middle Tennessee area when it comes to dealing with storms and the damage they cause. It’s one of the reasons we at the Parke Company offer municipal services such as cleaning up storm damage, tree removal and taking away bagged leaves and other refuse.

A Mighty Mighty Wind

Storms are pretty impressive, from a non-biased point of view. The amount of raw power and energy they convey can leave even the most steadfast amongst us speechless. A recent storm that ravaged the Middle-Tennessee area left almost 3,000 people without power for hours, and the 2-inch sized-hail did thousands of dollars worth of damage. After a storm, it is very important for things to get back to normal as soon as possible, and when you’re dealing with storms and damage on that kind of scale, it is going to be difficult for many smaller towns and even larger cities, such as Belle Meade and Forest Hills, to mobilize their public works departments to get to all of the damage in time. It’s one of the reasons that one of the most popular services offered here at the Parke Company is cleaning up after storm damage.

Whether that means cleaning up trees blocking roads or other emergency procedures, when the rain starts falling and the thunder starts clashing, you’ll be glad you have our services.

Helping out

Of course not all of our services will be used in such dire services. We at the Parke Company also offer services that will affect the day-to-day life and general well being of your city, including clearing away unwanted brush and taking away unwanted leaves. Both are key to upping the curbside appeal of residential homes, and a nice lawn goes a long way to positively impact a business’s first impression. Of course the benefits go beyond that; in most cases, approved materials are going to get turned into mulch, which then is reintroduced into the ecosystem, helping the next generation grow green and healthy. When combined with our very own mulching services, it makes for a very potent one-two combination that is sure to knock out any landscaping issues you never knew you had.

While we at the Parke Company are well known for the services we provide to private citizens and businesses, our municipal services are pretty handy for cities and smaller towns as well, since we handle a lot of things that you might not be equipped to deal with. Whether it be removing a pesky fallen tree blocking a road, or turning those rotting leaves into helpful mulch, the Parke Company is only a call or email away from turning the next disaster into a non-issue.