It’s Snowing! Avoid Dangerous Situations with Help from Parke

the parke company snow removal service truck

We’re in the thick of it, folks. Severe and cold weather has hit the Middle Tennessee area in full force. But did you know your trees need some extra love during this time of year too? So while you’re inside cuddled up with a blanket and a cup of tea, be sure your trees and property have been properly cared for during this cold and bitter season. We don’t want another disaster like the tree falling on prospective students. So how can you avoid this? Check with the Parke Company on a few tree and snow removal options available to keep you and your property safe.

Snow Cleanup
This is service is one of Parke’s newest and greatest resources! When snow hits, the landscape team will come to your home or commercial property and take care of your walkways and driveways so they’ll be safe to use. Snow cleanup services include snow removal, deicing and salting high-traffic areas.

Emergency Services

We can’t control the weather nor can we control if a tree falls and blocks driveways or roadways, so that’s why Parke’s emergency services come in handy. The team is always expecting the unexpected and can react in serious situations quickly and efficiently. If you have an emergency situation, such as a fallen tree on your property that is causing damage or a blocking roadway, call the emergency team for immediate assistance.

Tree Care Services

Most of Parke’s services for both tree care and landscape are all done preemptively to avoid any possible damage long-term. These services include tree removal, tree health care checkups or even crown thinning and deadwood removal. These tree services are important to avoid any hazardous situations during severe weather, but they also increase the lifetime of your tree. A win-win for all involved!

The snow is a beautiful part of the winter but it can be treacherous if we do not take the proper precautions when it arrives. Before any more snow falls, be sure your trees are in tip-top shape. When snow blankets over Nashville and the Middle Tennessee area, be sure you’re prepared. Book your snow removal services with the Parke team so when the winter weather hits, you won’t be stuck deicing and salting your driveway yourself! And if the worst-case scenario happens and you have an emergency situation, Parke’s crew of experienced workers will take care of it! These tree care experts will assist in a variety of emergency tree situations both efficiently and safely. For more information about routine snow removal or tree care services, contact the Parke Company today.

Parke Company Now Offering Snow Removal Services: Book Now!

Can you believe that we’re mid-way through December and the weather has been this warm? Nashvillians are walking around in short sleeves, and sometimes, even shorts! Well, while it’s been a mild winter so far, don’t let this nice weather fool you. The cold air is coming, and along with it the ice and snow. It can be a frigid time of the year, but with the Parke Company’s help, snow removal services will make your winter a little bit easier.

That’s right! The landscape team at Parke is now offering customers snow removal services and already taking requests. Some of you might ask why the team is already taking on customers when we haven’t even had our first snow. It’s important to get ahead of the bad weather, that’s why! The landscape team is encouraging customers to get the initial paperwork completed and submitted so it won’t hold up the process when the storms begin to hit. This preparation will streamline an otherwise chaotic process.

The snow removal service is for both commercial and residential areas around the Middle Tennessee area such as Belle Meade, Franklin and Berry Hill. The landscape team will remove snow and ice from parking lots, driveways, sidewalks and any other walkways you might have. Not only is this service great for safety reasons, it also keeps you or your employees from being stranded inside (or outside the building) if an unexpected storm hits.

In addition to snow and ice services, did you know Parke’s arborist team will also come out and assess your trees for safety measures? The Parke Company’s certified arborists can do a full workup on your landscape and trees for any dead limbs or possible threats when large snow storms come through. If any trees or limbs do need to be removed, the team will happily remove them before disaster strikes. This practice will keep your trees healthy, and reduce the risk of fallen limbs, which can damage buildings, cars and other areas in your landscape.

Interested in speaking with the Parke Company about snow and ice removal? Don’t wait! Get your name in the books in case the weather turns quickly. That way, you’re armed and ready when ice and snow hits Nashville. For more information about the new service or Parke’s existing tree care services, give the Parke Company a call!

Nashville Holiday Events and the Parke Company

christmas tree at the capitol at night

The holiday season in Nashville is a big to-do, Events all over the area and lights all around the city make it one of the best areas in the country for the holiday. From magical lights to mansion tours, Nashville has so much to offer those wishing to celebrate the season. Of course, visiting the state’s Christmas tree is the Parke Company’s favorite thing to do (see below), but there are so many ways to get in the holiday spirit all over Middle Tennessee. Here are just a few:

Holiday at Cheekwood
This annual event at Cheekwood is one of Nashville’s most beloved. The botanical garden has so many activities as well as displays of beautiful lights strung all over the trees. Arborists and light technicians work diligently to make every year better than the last. For tickets, visit their website.

Christmas at Belmont
Belmont has a wide variety of events for Christmas. Come visit Santa or attend a concert featuring Christmas carols. No matter the program, you’ll be sure to see everything the beautiful and historic mansion has to offer, including the landscape that surrounds it.

Dancing Lights of Christmas at Jellystone Park
Located on the north side of Nashville, the Dancing Lights of Christmas is Middle Tennessee’s largest drive-through light show. There’s nothing better to get you in the holiday spirit than some magical and sparkling lights in one of Nashville’s beautiful parks.

Andrew Jackson’s Hermitage Holiday Evening Tours
If you know anything about the staff at the Parke Company, you probably know they’re huge history buffs. So what’s better than putting their love for history and Christmas together? Come visit Andrew Jackson’s home for a holiday tour! See all that the property has to offer and learn some of the seventh president’s family traditions.

Capitol Christmas Tree
Parke can never get enough of the Capitol’s Christmas tree. If you missed the lighting ceremony or the downtown parade, that’s OK! You can still come visit the beautiful Norway Spruce on the capitol building’s front lawn. Interested in how Parke’s arborists transported the tree? Watch the video below for an insider’s look on the process.

There are so many great options for the holiday season. You really can’t go wrong. And our list doesn’t even cover all of it! Go ice skating at Opry Mills, see the Nutcracker at TPAC, or maybe start some new traditions and activities around your own Christmas tree. Whatever you do, we wish you a very happy and healthy holiday season!

Parke Company Educates Forest Hills Residents

One of the most rewarding things the team of arborists do at the Parke Company is educate the public on trees, nature and Tennessee wildlife. They understand the importance of knowledge, particularly when it comes to the world around us. They do their part in ensuring Nashvillians are aware of some of Nashville’s most beautiful native species, as well as some of Middle Tennessee’s invasive species. That’s why a crew of arborists held a lecture to the community of Forest Hills on some of the state’s most prominent invasive species and what to do if you come across them.

The lecture itself was held at the Forest Hills City Hall building last month where about 30 Forest Hill residents gathered to learn about invasive species in the area. The lecture was led by Parke’s own arborist, Parke Brown. The meeting also included panelists Jennifer Smith from the Metro Nashville Public Works Department, Todd Breyer from Cheekwood Botanical Gardens and Bill Troup from Metro Nashville Parks.

The lecturers talked about the definition of invasive and exotic species and the most common types in the area. Some of these include Eurasion Honeysuckle, Privet and Ailanthus (also called the stink tree). Not only was the group able to show photos of trees invaded, but they were able to bring in live plants to help show people how to identify them in their landscape and on their trees. In addition, the meeting covered areas on management and control for any future issues. This includes physical removal and herbicides (culture control). The information also explained why certain invasives might be harder to get rid of than others, why they grow back quickly, and their ability to sprout in areas where a root isn’t even present (adventitious).

Tree care and landscape care is very important to the Parke team. Whether the team can treat the trees and landscape or offer expertise to the public, it’s all done to improve Middle Tennessee’s landscape and trees. Want additional information on some of the Parke Company’s tree care or landscape services? Maybe you’re interested in contacting them about coming to your facility or Nashville community for a lecture on invasive species. Whatever the reason, contact an arborist today for more information.

Visit the Capitol’s Christmas Tree Courtesy of the Parke Company!

christmas tree installation at capitol

Even though it’s been a mild fall, the Christmas season is right around the corner! Before you know it, Nashville streets will be filled with Christmas lights and holiday cheer (and maybe even a little snow)! But what’s most impressive about the holiday celebrations in Nashville is the annual Christmas tree on the Public Square Lawn at the Capitol. And just like last year, the Parke Company’s team of arborists will help in harvesting (cutting) and transporting a beautiful tree for the annual Christmas Tree Lightning and Christmas Parade in December.

Similar to last year, the tree is a 30-foot Norway Spruce was harvested on November 18 from Old Hickory, TN. The tree is 2 feet in diameter at the base drip line (not the trunk). Like in years past, this tree has been used for years of valuable research and will be a great compliment to the lawn of the capitol building. With Parke arborists’ expertise in tree care (and in collaboration with the UT Department of Forestry), the tree is now being repurposed for Nashvillians to admire during the Christmas season.

This beautiful tree is the commencement of the entire holiday season. The festivities begin with the  Mayor’s Tree Lighting Ceremony on Public Square’s lawn off downtown Broadway. Traditionally, the mayor and mayor’s family members switch on over 5,000 lights to begin the festivities. In addition to the lighting ceremony, December 5th will mark the 88th Nashville Christmas Parade sponsored by Piedmont Natural Gas Company. The parade will begin at 10:00 a.m. on Broadway and will feature a wide range of music and activities for all ages.

The Norway Spruce is making its way to Music City for its final resting stop so be sure you stop by to see it! Want to bring a little holiday magic home with you? The Parke Company can do everything from decorating mailboxes to festive landscape displays to even setting up your own live Christmas tree. For more information about the Parke Company’s tree care, cutting trees or landscape services, contact one of their arborists today! And be sure to check out this year’s Nashville’s Christmas Tree located in Public Square of the Metro Courthouse.