Cleaning up the streets: Municipal services for you

As anyone who lives in Nashville can tell you, the weather is pretty unpredictable. Despite the best efforts of our local meteorologists, trying to plan your day can be difficult when you were expecting a nice sunny day and get a thunderstorm straight out of the book of Revelation. Keeping that in mind, imagine how difficult it must be for cities around the Middle Tennessee area when it comes to dealing with storms and the damage they cause. It’s one of the reasons we at the Parke Company offer municipal services such as cleaning up storm damage, tree removal and taking away bagged leaves and other refuse.

A Mighty Mighty Wind

Storms are pretty impressive, from a non-biased point of view. The amount of raw power and energy they convey can leave even the most steadfast amongst us speechless. A recent storm that ravaged the Middle-Tennessee area left almost 3,000 people without power for hours, and the 2-inch sized-hail did thousands of dollars worth of damage. After a storm, it is very important for things to get back to normal as soon as possible, and when you’re dealing with storms and damage on that kind of scale, it is going to be difficult for many smaller towns and even larger cities, such as Belle Meade and Forest Hills, to mobilize their public works departments to get to all of the damage in time. It’s one of the reasons that one of the most popular services offered here at the Parke Company is cleaning up after storm damage.

Whether that means cleaning up trees blocking roads or other emergency procedures, when the rain starts falling and the thunder starts clashing, you’ll be glad you have our services.

Helping out

Of course not all of our services will be used in such dire services. We at the Parke Company also offer services that will affect the day-to-day life and general well being of your city, including clearing away unwanted brush and taking away unwanted leaves. Both are key to upping the curbside appeal of residential homes, and a nice lawn goes a long way to positively impact a business’s first impression. Of course the benefits go beyond that; in most cases, approved materials are going to get turned into mulch, which then is reintroduced into the ecosystem, helping the next generation grow green and healthy. When combined with our very own mulching services, it makes for a very potent one-two combination that is sure to knock out any landscaping issues you never knew you had.

While we at the Parke Company are well known for the services we provide to private citizens and businesses, our municipal services are pretty handy for cities and smaller towns as well, since we handle a lot of things that you might not be equipped to deal with. Whether it be removing a pesky fallen tree blocking a road, or turning those rotting leaves into helpful mulch, the Parke Company is only a call or email away from turning the next disaster into a non-issue.

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