Enhancing Public Spaces: The Impact of Professional Municipal Landscaping

Municipal landscaping services are a must for any town or city that wants to keep its greenery vibrant and thriving. Let’s explore the impact that professional municipal landscaping has had in Nashville and surrounding suburbs.

What to Know About Municipal Landscaping Services

What Are Municipal Landscaping Services?

Municipal landscaping services are one of The Parke Company’s specialties, as we proudly serve many municipalities in the Nashville area, including Belle Meade and Forest Hills. But what exactly do these services encompass, and what’s the benefit of having a private company handle your town’s landscaping? Much like commercial landscaping, municipal landscaping is larger in scale than residential services, covering a greater area and accommodating the specific needs of urban and suburban greenery. Since many municipalities have smaller budgets than the city of Nashville, tree and landscaping services are generally harder to coordinate and hire for. When you work with a landscaping company for your town’s needs, you can get the services you need without the large infrastructural changes that come with establishing a parks department or landscaper internally. In other words, your municipality can hire a landscaping company to do the work without worrying about internally managing a new department or group.

What Can You Expect From Professional Municipal Landscaping?

There are many landscaping services that people have come to expect from their municipal government. From public spaces like parks and gardens to services like leaf pickup, there are a great deal of landscaping necessities that a community needs to function well. Well-landscaped public spaces provide residents with a safer, more beautiful, environmentally friendly place to live. Boosting your town’s curb appeal with a landscaping company’s help can greatly improve property values and attract new residents to your area. City landscaping can be quite different from the services landscapers provide to private citizens, but there is plenty of overlap. One of the biggest needs individuals and cities alike have is leaf pickup. Thousands of tons of leaves are removed from Nashville properties each year, and landscaping companies like The Parke Company are responsible for a lot of that movement. Bagged leaf removal is an excellent service to offer your residents, and we can help support you with that. Leaves add up each fall, and the sheer volume of them can cause issues for lawns and storm drain systems. In addition to being unsightly, too many leaves can starve lawns or garden beds, allow fungus growth in trees, and block necessary storm drains during fall rainstorms. Leaf removal can keep public and private spaces looking their best and prevent costly damage to storm drains.

Another important municipal landscaping service is tree pruning and removal. In a municipal space, trees can pose threats to roadways, sidewalks, power and phone lines, and underground infrastructure as well as personal safety. Working with an arborist to perform a tree inventory of your town’s public space can help ensure your tree canopy is healthy and productive. Pruning dead limbs and trees can protect necessary services like electricity and internet and prevent property damage from fallen branches. Power outages require a fast response, but being proactive in maintaining power lines ensures that you won’t need to rely on emergency services when a storm does hit. Our team of certified arborists can help to assess your city’s trees and ensure their health. Pruning trees is an excellent way to protect them from disease or fungal infections. Tree inventorying can also ensure that the tree canopy provides adequate shade to sidewalks and roadways for comfort in the summer heat.

Storm cleanup is also a critical part of municipal landscaping services, and The Parke Company is well-equipped to help in a pinch. Removing fallen trees from roadways is a serious job, so leave it to the professionals. We are fully insured and able to quickly and safely clean up storm damage from your city’s streets and sidewalks. Landscaping and tree services are important, but what else can you expect from The Parke Company?

Enhancing Public Spaces With Municipal Landscaping

While maintenance like tree pruning and leaf pickup are critical for a municipality, it’s also important to do some ornamental landscaping in your city. The Parke Company can advise on and provide services to beautify and improve city greenery with services like landscape design, tree planting, and garden installations. In addition to these services, we can also install hardscapes in public areas like pergolas, gazebos, and fountains for functional aesthetics. Planting new trees along sidewalks can drastically cool city streets in the summer, providing higher levels of comfort for pedestrians. Trees and gardens along roadways can also prevent soil erosion, keeping dirt off the roads and grassy areas full. Mulching services can go a long way to keep erosion to a minimum, also ensuring that a tree’s root systems are safe and well-hydrated. We have a lot of knowledge on which flowers work well along roadways, so the things planted in your municipality will thrive and provide pops of color that last.

Nashville droughts can be pretty rough, so it’s important to consider irrigation system installation come spring. Irrigation systems are not cheap, but they can keep your trees and grass healthy and prevent much more costly reseeding and re-turfing after a dry spell. Whether it’s for a public park or a strip of at-risk grass along a busy road, The Parke Company can help install the proper sprinkler system for optimal hydration. Irrigation is critical year-round if the seasons stay warmer like they have been. So you can sometimes use your irrigation system in the fall and winter because while trees and grass are dormant, they still need water.

We Help Communities Thrive

No matter what services you need for your municipality, The Parke Company can help. We pride ourselves on having experience in assisting towns and cities with establishing or revamping their green spaces, so don’t hesitate to give us a call for an in-depth consultation and budget estimates for your specific services.