Saving Water and Money: Smart Irrigation Tips for Nashville Residents

Irrigation is critical for a healthy, green lawn all year round. Ensuring that your yard is well-hydrated while also conserving water and saving money is a tricky balance to strike alone. Here are some of our top tips for getting the most out of your irrigation system while keeping costs and water usage low.

Irrigation Tips For Nashville Residents

Set a Schedule

Watering is important in the spring and summer, especially in Nashville, where we experience our fair share of dry weather. One of the best ways to conserve water and get the most out of your system is planning when to use it. The sun can evaporate water very quickly when things are dry, meaning it’s best to run your sprinklers when the sun isn’t a factor. Scheduling your sprinkler system to run overnight or in the early dawn hours can ensure that your yard is able to soak up the moisture before the heat wicks it all away.

Many modern sprinkler systems can be run on a timer, making the process of scheduling your watering simple. If you have an older system that needs to be turned on manually, it’s best to run it as soon as you’re up for the day. By ensuring that evaporation is limited, you can use far less water while keeping your lawn looking great. And there are more than environmental benefits to irrigating conscientiously, too. You can save serious money on your water bill this summer if you change some of your irrigation habits to fit the climate. People who install an irrigation system may be in for a shock the first year when they get their water bills; these systems can use a lot of water!

Fortunately, smart irrigation habits like setting a schedule can keep that price low while still hydrating your lawn sufficiently. The Parke Company has worked over many summers to service and upgrade sprinkler systems across the area, so Nashville irrigation is one of our specialties. If you need help determining the best schedule and amount of water to use for your lawn this year, we’re here to help.

Maintain Your System

Inefficiency in irrigation systems can drive costs up and lead to inconsistent hydration on your lawn. One of the most important irrigation system tips we can offer is to maintain the device regularly. The fall or late winter is a great time to have a landscaper like The Parke Company inspect your system. Common issues include broken sprinklers, ruptured pipes, and sediment blockages. Each of these issues can be avoided by a few best practices and regular maintenance.

In the fall, when it’s time to shut your system down, always make sure you’ve fully drained the lines. Leftover water in the pipes can freeze, causing them to expand and create stress fractures and leaks. The same thing can happen in sprinkler heads or even in the pump that distributes water through your entire system. Repairs from frost damage can be costly, so properly draining the system and shutting it down is critical. It’s recommended that you hire a landscaping company to perform your yearly shut-off and start-up, as they’ll also inspect and repair the entire system as necessary during the process.

Irrigation systems do save water over manual watering, but improper care can render even the best system inefficient. Whether your system has only been running for one season or decades, upkeep is key to preserving the quality of your yard this summer.

Manage Drainage and Runoff

Drainage is an overlooked component of irrigation. When you consider what’s the most effective irrigation method to save water, you probably don’t think of how it drains. But properly moving excess water from your lawn ensures that water isn’t wasted and your yard isn’t over-watered. Installing hardscapes like drains can make sure that water doesn’t pool in low elevations. Leveling out your yard with landscaping services like lawn rolling and aerating can also help prevent overhydration. While sprinklers and their placement are obviously important to keeping your yard looking green and healthy, where that water goes matters, too. Grading your lawn gently downward away from the home can help keep water out of your basement or foundation and ensure it’s evenly dispersed across your property. That way, trees, flowers, and grass alike get the hydration they need, and you avoid unsightly puddles and wet spots.

Upgrade Your Irrigation

Whether you’re manually watering your garden and lawn or are saddled with an older irrigation system, you may be wasting water and money. A modern irrigation system will be far more efficient than systems that are even just 20 years old. Upgrading your outdated system can help you save money on water and electricity. These new systems are much more efficient than legacy irrigation products, and they still provide excellent coverage and hydration. Modern innovations mean there’s less water and energy waste, and smart features like phone integration make setting your schedule simpler than ever. Using your home wifi to control and monitor your watering can provide insights on things like energy and water usage, helping to alleviate any surprises when the utility bills come in.

One of the best irrigation tips we have to offer is to modernize, because technology does make things simpler when it comes to irrigation. You can even add smart controls to an existing system without fully upgrading.

Changing out your sprinkler heads is another affordable way to give your existing system a much-needed efficiency boost. If you have dry spots in your yard, a different type of sprinkler may resolve your problem. Landscaping companies like The Parke Company are well-versed in modernizing irrigation systems, and we can help you determine which changes could benefit your property.

Save Water and Money With Smart Irrigation

No matter your specific irrigation needs, we can help. If you’re ready to learn more about smart irrigation changes for saving money and water, reach out to The Parke Company today for a free consultation and estimate.