What Add-Ons Should I Consider to My Irrigation System?

While it would be nice to have perfect spring conditions all year long, spring only lasts a few months for most of us. Even if you live in an area with four seasons, it is possible to extend the benefits of the warm, moisture-filled months through an irrigation system.

With an irrigation system, you can control the amount of moisture in your lawn or garden to make sure that your landscape gets the perfect amount of watering, regardless of the conditions outside.

An irrigation system can be one of the best ways to create a lush, verdant lawn even in the dry months, but there are more things you can add to your irrigation system to optimize garden growth even further. Here’s what you should consider incorporating.

What You Should Add to an Irrigation System

Sprinkler Heads

While many people immediately picture in-ground sprinklers when they hear “irrigation systems”, those are not always included in the typical irrigation system installation.

Adding on sprinkler heads to your irrigation system is a great way to create a dramatic difference in your landscape’s quality.

Even if you have an irrigation system already, adding on rotary sprinkler heads can be a great way to expand your irrigation system’s reach and create a greener lawn.

Smart Controllers

Whether your motivations are to save money, reduce water usage, or both, it is always a good idea to add smart controllers to your irrigation system. If you have automatic settings on your irrigation system, your programs for watering may not respond to changes in your landscape and the environment around it. Ultimately, this results in lost money you didn’t need to spend in watering your landscape, as well as a waste of water that is harmful to the environment.

Asking your landscaping services company about installing a smart controller to your irrigation system is a great way to get a lush lawn and feel good about your investments.

Budgeting with Irrigation

Some add-ons to your irrigation system may just be more of your irrigation system.

Because of the nature of the installation, it can be installed in parts. Many property owners may not be ready to invest in fully irrigating their whole lawn or garden, so adding on to their irrigation system piece-by-piece is a great way to pace investments and beautify the landscape without breaking the bank.

Talking with your lawn services company about your options for a long term plan of irrigation system installation is a great way to cater to your budget without compromising the quality of your landscape.

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