Looking to Sell? Four Landscape Services to Boost Your Home’s Market Value

Today’s housing market is incredibly active and competitive, and excellent landscaping can make a huge difference in your home’s curb appeal. Here are a few of the best landscaping services to set your home apart in this busy market.

Four Landscaping Services to Boost Your Home’s Value

1. Clean It Up

While an elaborate landscaping setup is obviously more attractive to home buyers, your first priority needs to be simple. No matter your budget, work with a reliable landscaping company to clean things up before an open house or real estate photography. Fall and spring cleanup are important, but there’s no right time to sell a house. When you need a lot of work done quickly as you deal with all the other stresses of selling, let the experts handle the dirty work. A cleanup in the hands of a landscaping company goes a long way beyond mowing the lawn and clearing sticks from the yard, too. Tree and plant pruning are simple but important steps to take in making a home look its best. Prospective buyers love wooded lots, but their insurance company may beg to differ. By getting your trees pruned before making a sale, you not only make the whole home more presentable, but you also prevent possible snags during property inspections later in the process. The first thing a home buyer sees is the outside of your home and the surrounding property, so make a clean first impression.

2. Liven Things Up

While cleaning things up in your yard is important when it comes to selling your home, going the distance means adding some life to your home. But is there a motivation for landscaping before selling a home beyond attracting more eyes? What’s the bottom line, financially? How much can landscaping increase home value? A garden, even a simple one, can increase a home’s value by up to 12% in some markets.

Planting flowers and shrubbery to provide your lawn and backyard with brilliant pops of color is an excellent way to draw and keep the gaze of people shopping for a home. When people see a well-manicured lawn and a vibrant garden, they assume the inside will be worth visiting. The opposite is also true, so boring and drab front yards give the wrong impression of what’s going on elsewhere in the home. If you have existing plants in your garden, a landscaping service near you can help breathe new life into them. Maintenance steps like mulching and fertilizing go beyond basic cleaning in order to give your landscaping even more curb appeal. Replacing old and dead trees with fresh, new saplings can also give a better impression. The main goal of landscaping for a home on the market is to give the impression of vibrance and life. When someone moves into a new home, they put down new roots, just like the young trees planted in the front lawn.

3. Irrigation System Installation

What increases the market value of your property? Green lawns sell homes, and adding or updating an irrigation system can be an excellent way to increase a house’s value. Not every home is going to have irrigation, and that’s a huge selling point for people who take pride in their yard. Whether you have a system in place or not, having one for the next homeowner can definitively boost value and set a property apart from other houses in the same market. Repairs and updates are always more affordable than new installations, but even a basic system can be attractive to homebuyers. This is especially true for people who are attracted to suburban areas around Nashville. Whether they’re transplants from out of state or the city, gardening has become a major trend among everyone. With more people than ever flexing their green thumbs, an irrigation system is a major selling point. It doesn’t have to be complicated either, and while you might have concerns about installing pipes in your lawn at the same time you’re trying to sell it, don’t stress. Landscaping services like The Parke Company perform installations and maintenance on irrigation systems in addition to lawn care, meaning we can install a system without anyone ever knowing it was done. Whether a section of the lawn needs reseeding or a quick sodding, we can get the irrigation system installed as if it’s always been a part of your yard.

4. Add Hardscapes and Decor

Having a well-established walkway from the sidewalk or the driveway to the front door of your home creates a flow that can color the entire house tour. Hardscapes like flagstone, concrete, or stone pavers can be used to create an elegant path to guide buyers through the property. An eye-catching hardscape can be a huge draw and benefit to curb appeal. Want to make it even better? By adding lighting to the path, you can ensure that a late evening showing impresses just as much as one does in the daylight. Twilight photos of a property have been shown to increase the attention on a listing by a great deal simply because of how comfortable and charming these dark photos are. When a buyer looks at a home, they are trying to picture themselves in it, and seeing the home’s exterior during the day and the night can give them a clearer image. Patio furniture, planters, and fire pits in the backyard can also provide a much more livable atmosphere. If your backyard is lacking, don’t neglect it simply because it’s not the first thing a buyer sees. What you’ve got hidden around the back of the home should feel like an excellent bonus, not an afterthought. Simple stonework and a cozy fire pit can greatly increase a backyard’s value to a buyer without costing you an arm and a leg. More complex hardscape installations only increase a home’s value more, however, so if you’re really looking to impress, we can help. No matter your budget, the best landscaping company near you can work with you to fit your needs and still deliver an unforgettable first impression.

When your house is on the market, there’s a lot to worry about. Leave the landscaping that can actually increase your home’s value to the professionals so you can focus on your own home search or other aspects of your property. Give the experts at The Parke Company a call for a comprehensive, free estimate.