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Firepit Placement and Use to Avoid Damaging Trees

Are you considering adding a firepit to your lawn? Firepits have become increasingly popular in Nashville. They are a great way for a family to share a “campfire” experience without actually having to sleep in a tent out in the woods. They also make great entertainment centers for more sophisticated gatherings. One of the reasons firepits are enjoying such popularity[…]

Mulching in Winter: The Benefits of Fresh Mulch in Colder Months

It’s winter in Nashville, and tending to gardens and shrubs is probably the last thing on your mind. “That would be a mistake,” say the experts at the Parke Company, Nashville’s leading landscaping service and tree service company. Dry winter winds and the occasional winter warm spell can do real damage to your dormant and evergreen plants. While Nashville winters[…]

How to Handle Ice and Snow Safely (and When to Get Help!)

In Nashville we don’t get a ton of snow and ice, but we get enough. When it does come, one of the biggest challenges is to clear porches, sidewalks, and driveways to prevent slip and falls and get the car safely in and out of the garage. So, who does this? Some of our clients have longer, tree-lined driveways, others[…]

Fertilizing in Winter to See More Green in Spring

In Nashville, most lawns are planted with cool-growth grass like bluegrass and tall fescue. These grasses grow longer into the fall and actually don’t go dormant until after the first hard freeze. Because of this “cool-weather” growth, a Nashville lawn can benefit from a late fall or early winter application of fertilizer. The Parke Company, a full-service Nashville landscaping service[…]

Safe Salt and Mineral Options for Your Walkways This Winter

We are fortunate in Nashville. While winters can bring some nasty weather, our cold months are relatively mild compared to our neighbors to the north. That said, we still get ice and snow and have our fair share of slip and fall accidents as a result. So how do Nashville homeowners wage the deicing war? Unfortunately, many attack the ice[…]

Do’s and Don’ts for DIY Holiday Lighting Outdoors

Please Note: The Parke Company is not offering installation services this season.  At the Parke Company, Nashville’s leading landscaping service and tree service organization, we know our way around decorating outdoor trees. In fact, this year it was the Parke Company that cut and helped decorate the 35-year-old, 35-foot Norway spruce used for the State of Tennessee’s Christmas tree at the[…]

Winter is the Perfect Time for Debris Removal and Cleanup

At the Parke Company, we are known by our Nashville clients for our landscaping services, tree service, installation of irrigation systems, sourcing shrubs and flowers, and other traditional landscape tasks. Of course, most of those tasks take place when things are growing. Spring and fall are our busiest seasons. But when winter arrives, it brings its own set of lawn problems.[…]

No Winter Break for This Nashville Landscaper

There may be snow on the way or snow on the ground, but that doesn’t mean the folks at the Parke Company, Nashville’s leading landscaping services organization, are kicking back and taking a winter break. While it’s true, we do take advantage of the reduced workload to perform maintenance on our equipment, winter is actually an ideal time for an[…]

Winter Lawn Care in Nashville

We are literally weeks away from seeing the cold temperatures that come with a Nashville winter. Unfortunately, your beautiful lawn can take a major hit during the coldest season if you haven’t taken precautions to protect it. The Parke Company, Nashville’s leading provider of landscaping services, suggests you take certain precautions in the short time remaining to ensure your winter[…]

Getting Ready for Snow: How You Can Prepare

As anyone living in the Nashville area can tell you after the weather middle Tennessee received this week (or anyone who watches Game of Thrones),  winter is coming. It might not last for very long, and there might not be a lot of snowfall, but it will arrive before you know it, leading to a bit of chaos for your[…]