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Lawn aerator going through grass.

Lawn Aeration Explained: Benefits, Cost, and Timing

Lawn aeration may not be something that you’re familiar with when it comes to maintaining your landscaping, but you absolutely should consider this beneficial practice for your lawn this year. Here’s everything you need to know about lawn aeration, from its many benefits to the cost and the best time of year to have it done.

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woman pruning tree

What Causes Trees to Rot and How to Prevent Rotting Trees on Your Property

Trees are a huge time commitment for property owners and managers. If all goes well, they should outlive us and continue to provide shade for decades. Unfortunately, trees are susceptible to damage, disease, and rot like any other plant, and they’re not always equipped to give us obvious warning signs when rot does take hold. Let’s take a look at some of the causes of rot in trees and how you can prevent rotting trees on your property.

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tree pruning

Top Reasons to Tackle Tree Pruning Before Winter is Over

Trees are among the most important living things on Earth, providing oxygen, scrubbing carbon dioxide from the air, and keeping soil from eroding. Trees are also an invaluable component of landscaping, providing shade, aesthetic beauty, and a variety of benefits to the soil and surrounding fauna. But trees need help getting all of that done. Just like we humans benefit from routine grooming, trees are a lot better off if they lose some of their old, dead (or dying) branches and limbs. This process is known as pruning, and the winter is actually the best time to get it done, ensuring that you have a healthy tree year-round.

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