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Installing an Irrigation System – Not a Great DIY Project for Most Nashville Homeowners

If you don’t have an automated irrigation system, you probably spend many humid Nashville evenings hauling out a hose and sprinkler to water the lawn and shrubs. Some people see that task as a pain while others enjoy the quiet time after a hectic day at work. The truth, however, is that both kinds of people are wasting water and[…]

Tree Removal – Don’t Be Too Quick to Make the Decision

Trees are one of nature’s most beautiful gifts. Even a single tree located on your Nashville property has a special attraction to humans. Their grace and strength give them a character that we can connect with. They represent continuity and stability, something missing in modern chaotic life. They give us shade in the summer and put on a show in[…]

Nashville, Now is the Time for Tree Trimming

Late winter, before the first spring growth, is the best time to trim most trees and prune shrubs. Wounds are only exposed a short time before new growth begins accelerating the healing process. There’s another practical reason for tree trimming in late winter. Bare branches give the arborist a better view of the tree’s structure, allowing for more accurate pruning[…]

7 Fast Growing Trees for Your Nashville Landscape

While most of us probably take it for granted, we are lucky to have so many beautiful trees that prosper in Tennessee. Those trees can do a lot for a landscape. They give shade, color, vertical dimension, and they provide a habitat for birds, critters, and mostly useful insects. On the practical side, their shade can reduce energy bills, provide[…]

What Can a Nashville Landscaper Do for You?

Nashville is fortunate to have an abundance of lovely old homes surrounded by lawns and trees. The Parke Company, Nashville’s leading landscaping service and tree service, has been transforming those well-kept lawns into eye-catching landscaped spaces for years. The difference between a well-maintained yard and a professionally landscaped lawn can be breathtaking. Curb appeal immediately goes up, but more importantly,[…]

Spring Cleaning Tips for Nashville Lawns and Landscaping

You may think we are jumping the gun a bit talking about spring cleaning in February, but we’re not. If you are serious about getting your lawn and flower beds off to a great start this spring, you need to do some planning. What better time to plan than when the ground is still frozen and winter has put all[…]

Landscape Renovation in Nashville

Landscape renovation is just one of the services that Nashville’s premier landscaping service, the Parke Company, provides to its many clients. Renovating your landscape is a great way to improve the appearance of your home and add significant value to it as well. Your landscape renovation can be extensive, as found on old estate properties or a backyard that has[…]

Why Pine Straw Makes a Great Mulch for Nashville Landscapes

We all know that mulch plays an important role in protecting gardens, tree bases, and shrubbery. Mulch comes in a variety of materials and colors and each has its “best application scenario.” However, one that we think goes largely unconsidered is pine needles. At the Parke Company, Nashville’s leading landscaping service and tree service, we think that the sustainable pine[…]

After the Storm – Correcting Tree Damage

Strong winter winds and trees are not compatible. Toss in the weight of ice and snow and trees have to struggle to remain intact and in place. Too often the overwhelming forces of nature will damage your trees, possibly seriously, and when that happens, the crew from Nashville’s leading tree service fires up the equipment and responds. Emergency tree service[…]

5 Landscaping Tips for a Nashville Winter

Taking care of your landscaping may be the last thing on your mind during our Nashville winters, but there are preventive and maintenance steps that you should be aware of. The Parke Company, Nashville’s premiere landscaping service and tree service, has five easy tips to get your spring lawn off to a great start. This winter has been a doozy[…]