What’s the True Cost to Remove a Tree in Nashville, TN?

When it comes to removing a tree from your Nashville property, there is no shortage of factors that can impact the price. It can be hard to get a great idea of cost before having an arborist provide an estimate. Fortunately, there are many resources for figuring out a rough cost before exploring your options.

Tree Removal Explained

You may need to remove a tree from your residential or commercial property for a number of reasons, from safety concerns to making space for a new shed or addition. So how exactly does tree removal work? Arborists, skilled tree workers, use a broad range of tools to safely perform their job, and that does contribute to the cost to remove a tree. There are many specialized devices to effectively remove a tree, and they’re much more complex than an axe or chainsaw. There are many other parts of the tree removal process that can complicate the procedure, from aspects of the tree itself to its surroundings. Let’s explore what goes into removing a tree and how these scenarios can impact the final cost to remove trees from your property.

Tree Age and Size

If you’ve settled on removing one or more trees from your property, you are undoubtedly wondering just how much it costs to cut down a tree in Nashville. You might think that older trees pose the most problems when planning and executing a removal, but that’s not always the case. Young trees are much stronger than dead or aged trees because their core wood is much more dense. Trying to cut down a healthy young tree with an axe will be much harder than with an old, dead tree. Denser trees call for more specialized, powerful equipment that’s incredibly expensive for a DIYer to have on hand. Trying to remove a tree on your own is never recommended for safety reasons, but it’s also incredibly time-consuming when you’re not working with the right tools. No matter the age or size of your tree, you’re going to be better off in the hands of the experts.

Unfortunately, you can’t assume that removing old, dead trees from a property will be cheaper than living trees. Just because it’s physically easier to fell a dead tree doesn’t mean it’s actually simpler. Dead trees are more unpredictable than healthy trees, making the removal process a lot more dangerous. Since old trees are usually taller and thicker than younger trees, this size issue compounds the risk. Dead wood is drier and more brittle than living wood, and that makes it more prone to cracking and breaking apart in the process. When a tree cracks during the process of cutting it down, inexperienced people can lose control of the situation quickly. Arborists employ a number of techniques to remove large dead trees safely, but each tree requires a unique approach. Many tall trees will be removed from the top down, with sections being cut off in manageable chunks rather than felling it all at once. This method typically requires climbing gear or a tall bucket truck to perform.

Removing a tree by felling it traditionally is less common in cities and suburbs like Nashville, but it is possible. This practice is generally less expensive than removing a tree in segments because it calls for less equipment. While it’s not going to work for most properties here, there are scenarios where this method can save you some serious money if you’re able.

Tree Location

The average cost to remove a tree is partially dependent on how easy it is for an arborist to get their equipment to the tree and set it up. Navigating through tight spaces with heavy equipment or removing a tree among many others in close proximity makes the job trickier. If the tree that needs to be removed is close to power lines, homes, roadways, or other things at risk of damage from falling limbs, things become more complicated. In small spaces, trees will often be removed piece by piece. This process is more costly than felling a tree traditionally. The risks to the surrounding property are minimized, but things are more dangerous for the person performing the tree removal.

The Difference a Good Tree Service Provider Makes

Hiring an arborist that is insured is crucial for your safety as well as the arborist’s. Insurance also makes sure that you aren’t liable for damage to your own property or your neighbors’ in the unlikely event that something goes wrong. Insured arborists cost more than private individuals who don’t have insurance, but that price is well worth it for peace of mind and the well-being of everyone involved.

You might still be tempted to try removing a tree yourself. While it will probably cost less upfront, the possible issues that result from removing a tree yourself can be incredibly costly. From damage to property or persons to destruction of rented or purchased tree removal equipment, it’s almost never a good idea to remove a tree yourself. Even small trees can pose problems, and improperly removing the trunk or leaving it intact can actually lead to long-term issues for your lawn and other trees.

Ultimately, the cost of removing a tree is hard to predict without consulting a professional arborist. However, we can try to give you a ballpark based on the tree and its surroundings. For a young, smaller tree with a lot of room, you’re looking at anywhere between $200 and $500. This is assuming the best possible conditions, meaning the price can often skew toward the higher side. When removing a large tree, especially in a situation where it poses a safety risk or there is the possibility of property damage, that cost rises fast. Trees that are over 30 feet in height start at around $500 dollars, though it can be a bit lower if there’s a lot of room to work. For larger trees or trees with a lot of potential for damage, you can possibly be spending over $1500. Removing multiple trees at once is best, but the prices still go up with each tree removed, obviously. Without seeing your tree, an arborist can only guess so well. We need to see your trees in person to give a truly accurate estimate, and even that can change a bit once the crew actually gets to work. At The Parke Company, we pride ourselves on accuracy and honesty, so you can expect a fair quote and quality work to match.

If you’re interested in a free consultation and estimate from the pros at The Parke Company, we’d be happy to help. Give us a call today to learn more and get the peace of mind that comes with professional tree removal service.