Tree Service Companies: Why Working with Local Professionals Is Best

Many factors come into play when comparing tree service companies. A quick online search will show you countless options of all sizes. You might be tempted to hire a national brand for its sheer size and name recognition, but bigger isn’t necessarily better. In fact, the smaller companies nearby can often offer better services, lower prices, and more personalized care. Here we’ll explore why working with a local tree service is best for your property, budget, and peace of mind.

What Do Tree Companies Do?

Before you even run a search for “tree trimming service near me,” it helps to know what you’re getting into and whether such a company can provide the services you need. Tree services tackle many aspects of tree care, and some may offer additional landscaping services to boot. For the most part, a tree service company will provide the following services:

  1. Tree Trimming

Trimming is the process of pruning, removing dead or damaged branches, and shaping the plant. This service can be done on any tree species and is usually to maintain the tree or improve its overall appearance.

  1. Tree Removal

Tree service companies are also involved with removing dead trees either due to natural causes or because they pose a threat to your people or property.

  1. Fire Hazard Mitigation

When fires erupt, tree service companies become handy in removing branches too close to a building. In most cases of fire, there is a significant chance that the building will be damaged because of debris or fallen branches.

  1. Landscaping

Landscaping is an umbrella term for processes that improve the health and appearance of green spaces, including mowing, edging, planting new trees and ornamental plants, fertilizing and testing soil, raising tree canopies, and so on. A local tree service will best advise its clients on the plants that will work best for them and their property.

  1. Stump Removal/Grinding

This is the process of removing stumps either manually or with the use of machines. A lingering stump can become a tripping hazard and attract pests and fungi.

  1. Crane Services

Crane services involve the moving of heavy loads with the help of cranes. This service is mainly used for large trees or if you have several trees that need to be removed.

  1. Storm Debris Removal and Repair

Severe storms can incur serious damage to landscapes and properties. Necessary repairs may include removing storm-damaged tree branches and limbs or cleaning up storm debris.

  1. Cabling and Bolting

A tree service provider might also improve a tree’s structural integrity by redistributing its weight and helping it stand more upright via cables and bolts.

Benefits of Working with Local Tree Professionals

Now that you have a sense of what tree services do, here’s why it’s best to keep it local.

Close Knowledge of the Locale

When a tree service operates in your region, they inherently understand the local weather patterns, ecosystem, and other nuances. If you’re in a region that experiences strong winds, tree services will know how much protection to offer them. Other climate concerns like drought, hurricanes, extreme heat or cold, etc. all factor into how to best care for local landscapes and trees.

Local Connection and Support

When hiring a local tree cutting service, it’s best to go with one that’s already involved in your community. Working with these close-to-home businesses boosts the local economy while beautifying the neighborhood. Plus, people you already trust are bound to recommend the best local trees services in your area – word of mouth is a powerful endorsement and benefits both the customer and the tree company.

Effective Communication

Anyone you hire, whether a babysitter or a tree trimming service, must maintain strong communication throughout. Otherwise, you can quickly become kept in the dark regarding problems, price changes, timelines, and more. Getting a hold of large, national tree service brands can be a nightmare of red tape and telephone tag. Compare this headache with the simplicity of a local phone call with the smaller tree service down the road. Simply put, a local tree service is more likely to get back to you and keep you in the loop than some giant corporation.

Quick Assessment of Damage

Effective communication also helps in the efficient evaluation of the damage. Local providers can get to the site quickly and let you know what needs to be done without delay. A quick assessment helps you decide how much the project will cost and who to choose for your tree services.

Trust and Reputation

If a company is trusted in your neighborhood, it’s worth seeking them out. Once again: word of mouth is powerful. There’s more at stake for a local tree company than a larger competitor. After all, the local provider must face its community every single day – if it loses favor with the community, it might go out of business. By sticking with a local business with a solid reputation, you can rest assured they earned that reputation and intend to keep earning it.

Fair Pricing

Though the biggest companies can sometimes undercut the local competition because they can, smaller businesses tend to offer competitive pricing to stay afloat. The average cost of living varies from region to region, so hiring a local tree service will help keep these costs in line. Plus, local tree services have less overhead to worry about than their larger competitors – some of these savings get passed down to you, the customer.

Trust The Parke Company for Nashville, TN Tree Services

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