Tree Cutting Service: How Tree Topping Kills Your Tree

Trees on your property can be great for a number of different reasons. They can provide vital shade during the hot and sunny seasons, they are crucial players in the environment, and they add an air of stately sophistication to any landscape.

Even if you love your trees, they may need maintenance from time to time. It may seem like tree trimming and maintenance is fairly self-explanatory, but proper care for your trees may be a lot more complicated than you had imagined.

Tree care is much more precise than just cutting off long branches or shaping a tree to your liking– mistakes like these may even cost you the health of your tree. Here is what you need to know.

What to Know About Tree Topping

What Is Tree Topping?

The process known as tree topping is an attempt to shorten a tree, but through methods that will ultimately result in irreversible damage.

When a tree is topped, the central stem– or leader, as it is also known– is removed, as well as the other upper main branches.

Ultimately, tree topping will result in thin, upright branches near the top, known as water sprouts.

Why Topping Trees Is Bad

Tree topping is a bad landscaping practice for a number of reasons. First and foremost, a tree that has been topped is very unsightly, with water sprouts growing in ways that do not appear natural or uniform to the rest of the tree.

When the tree is cut near the top branches, it is now vulnerable to disease and decay. Additionally, water sprouts are very delicate and have shallow anchors in the rest of the tree, which can easily break off in a storm.

Tree topping is bad for your trees because the trimming leaves wounds in the tree that leave it susceptible to disease or pests. Tree topping is also bad because it removes the leaf surface area, which is vital for a tree’s photosynthesis and nutrient production. Without this leaf coverage, central parts of the tree are also exposed to the harsh sun, which can significantly damage the trunk and bark.

Tree Cutting Services Near Me

It is sometimes necessary to reduce the height of a tree so that it does not interfere with a house or powerlines. While this kind of trimming may be necessary, it will inevitably result in a damaged and unsightly tree.

If your trees need trimming, don’t let power companies with little landscaping knowledge hack away at your trees and cause irreversible damage. Experienced professionals from a landscaping and tree cutting company can use methods like drop crocheting to cut down branches to a lower branch that can solve height-related issues without permanently damaging your trees.

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