Time to Get Rid of That Tree: Tips For Removing Unwanted Stumps, Branches and Trunks

It’s getting late in the summer, which means that the number of free days available for summer projects is dwindling. Sure, the heat and generally warm climate here in Nashville and the mid-Tennessee area means residents have more time than most, but do you really want to try to fit in removing that pesky stump come football season? Trees tend to be one of the more overlooked areas, especially when it comes to removal. It’s something the professionals here at the Parke Company take pride in, knowing exactly how much to trim and when to turn it into firewood, which is why we’ve put together this guide about tree and stump removal.

Know What You’ll Need and Why You’re Doing it

The first thing you’ll need to think about if you are going to handle this tree yourself is what kind of tools you’ll need. For larger projects, like cutting down a tree completely, you will probably need a chainsaw, as well as safety glasses or goggles. For a smaller project, such as pruning or clipping some of the smaller branches, you will likely be fine with little hand-held clippers. Make sure the area around the tree you’re working on is clear of any overhead obstructions, such as telephone wires, and make sure you know which direction you plan on having the tree fall.

If you plan on pruning, a little bit goes a long way. Taking care of some of the smaller offshoots is a good way to clean up the general look of the tree and even change its perceived height. However, if you cut the larger branches or one of the main offshoots, it could cause irreparable harm to the tree, inviting something like rot or other diseases to take root. Since there are a lot of ways a project of this undertaking could go wrong, it is recommended to let one of the professionals here at the Parke Company handle it so you know the job will get done right.

Now What?

You’re probably wondering what you can do with the tree after it’s fallen, or how to take care of the stump. The tree itself, or any branch cuttings, can easily be turned into firewood, or if it is a nice wood, turned into some great homemade projects. Reusing the wood in this way not only helps the environment, but also adds a nostalgic touch to anything made out of the tree. As for the stump, well, they can be pretty annoying with their stubbornness and refusal to willingly leave the ground. Plus, if it is ripped out of the ground while still connected to other root systems, it could damage them. It’s best left to someone used to stump removal.

Luckily, the arborists and tree surgeons here at the Parke Company are skilled at all sorts of tree maintenance, both at homes and for businesses. After all, with the sheer number of ways tree services could go wrong, wouldn’t it be better to let someone who knows what they’re doing – and actually enjoys it – to take care of it? We certainly think so.

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