Addition by Subtraction: The Importance of Landscape Removal

One of the more common things we talk about on this blog is the addition of things. You need to add a new pool, a fountain, or certain kinds of flowers and bushes. Sometimes, however, in order to make your lawn look nice, you need to take something out of it, whether that be an old stump that’s just kind of sitting there or a series of dead bushes that couldn’t quite hack it during a bout of intense heat. We here at the Parke Company specialize not only in removing these unwanted distractions, but also in turning them into something more useful and beneficial to your lawn.


The most common thing most people need to have removed from their lawns is tree stumps. They tend to be gnarled, knotty old things, truly showcasing how tough trees are, but usually they just end up as eyesores that take up a lot of valuable space, as well as distracting from a well cultivated landscape. Their impact on the visuals aren’t the only problem they present. They can be somewhat dangerous, depending on their size, and can also become a decaying home for harmful insects, or a mother to a lot of new tree sprouts, which if left untended long enough could be serious competition for the other thing growing nearby. The truth is there are lots of reasons to remove a tree stump. In the old days, all it would take to remove the problem would be some chains and a couple of willing horses. Of course, that’s not really an option for many, which is why we here at the Parke Company offer our services. The removal of a tree stump isn’t something that should be left to amateurs, considering the kind of heavy machinery needed and the way stump roots have a pesky way of getting tangled, which is why it’s best left to us.

Now what?

Once the problem has been removed, then what happens? One of the best parts about the services we here at the Parke Company provide is that we take the offending plant and chip it down into something more manageable, namely mulch, which can then be reused to help something more organic take the place of the dead stump. Mulch plays an important part in the growing and planting process, helping regulate the water flow to the newly planted item, as well as a degree of protection. Plus, you get the satisfaction of knowing that you didn’t waste the wood in something trivial like a fire, but instead see the effects it has every time you look at whatever you planted in its stead.

Tree stumps, fallen trunks and dead bushes make your lawn look like something from an apocalyptic movie – not the image most people are looking to project. We at the Parke Company are happy to change that to something a little more to your liking, so give us a call today, so we can remove the problem from your lawn.

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