Key Irrigation Services to Invest in for 2023

Irrigation Services in Nashville and Middle Tennessee

As temperatures and weather patterns shift, so too must your approach to landscaping. Irrigation is of particular importance here, as drier seasons call for additional watering, whereas wet periods don’t require nearly as much. Green spaces lie dormant during cold winters, so irrigation is also not needed during the coldest months. With so many changes to keep track of, it helps to have a partner like The Parke Company at your side. We deliver comprehensive landscaping services, including all the irrigation solutions your lawn requires.

Read on to discover which irrigation services to invest in for 2023.

Why Functional, Efficient Irrigation is Important

Most people know that it’s a good idea to water their plants and grass, but the benefits of proper irrigation are often overlooked. Here are a few reasons to maintain your irrigation system year-round.

Curb Appeal

Irrigated lawns are healthy and beautiful, boosting the value of their surrounding properties. If you water your lawn too much or too little, you run the risk of diminishing your home’s or business’ value.

Lawn Health

Your green spaces are exposed to a number of environmental threats, including extreme temperatures, harsh winds, pests, pollution, impact, and more. While these hazards can’t always be avoided, your plant life at the very least requires adequate watering to hold firm against the elements. Getting this calculation right will allow your lawn and garden to thrive during the warmer months, and give them a better rest when things get cold. Once again, the optimal amount of lawn irrigation will change throughout the year depending on rainfall level and other conditions.

Energy Savings

An outdated or damaged irrigation system can result in significant water waste. Likewise, failing to understand your lawn’s needs might cause you to use more water than necessary. Whatever the case, this mismanagement of resources hurts both the environment and your wallet.

Why it’s Key to Properly Shut Down and Restart Your Irrigation System

Though Nashville, TN enjoys relatively mild winters, this region is no stranger to snow or freezing temperatures. When winter reaches its peak, plant life essentially hibernates, storing its energy in the roots until it can spring back to life the following season. As such, no watering is required during the cold season – in fact, keeping your irrigation system up and running when temperatures dip so low can be a costly mistake. Any water remaining in pipes or valves can freeze and damage your irrigation components.

To avoid dishing out for expensive irrigation repair services in the spring, make sure you properly shut down and winterize your irrigation system before it gets too cold. Doing so will protect your system from harm and make for an easier startup in the spring. Indeed, a proper spring startup is also necessary to ease your irrigation system back into its routine.

The Parke Company offers both irrigation winterization and spring startup services for Nashville and Middle Tenessee residents and businesses.

Key Irrigation Services to Consider for 2023

The start of a new year is a great time to plan for your irrigation needs. Here are six irrigation services to invest in for 2023 and beyond:

1. Irrigation Audits and Tests

An irrigation audit is a professional inspection of your irrigation system and its components. These audits include numerous tests (including backflow testing) to ensure the system is operating properly and efficiently. And if any issues crop up, they can be swiftly addressed.

2. Additions to Existing Systems

Even if your irrigation system is working okay, it might benefit from an upgrade (or several) to make it more energy-efficient, easier to operate, and so on. Likewise, older components might need replacing.

3. New System Installation

Recent years have seen significant breakthroughs in irrigation technology. This might be the year for a brand new irrigation system, especially if your green spaces aren’t thriving as they should.

4. Irrigation Repair

All irrigation systems will require some repairs now and then. The key is keeping a close eye on your system to catch any issues early on so your repairs stay small and manageable.

5. Winterization

It may be winter now, but it’s never too soon to prepare for your irrigation system’s next winter service.

6. Spring Startup

Spring will be here before you know it. Make sure your irrigation system receives a proper restart when the ground finally thaws.

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