Why Now Is the Best Time to Hire Irrigation Repair Services

The cooler air in the mornings and at night serves as a reminder that fall is on its way, even in a warmer area like Nashville, TN. And as summer comes to a close, you might put lawn care on the back burner. Even a busted irrigation system might not seem like a pressing matter for a while, but waiting until spring to fix or install your watering system can be a costly and frustrating endeavor. Here are some reasons early autumn is actually the best time to hire irrigation repair services for your home or business.

Why Early Autumn is the Best Time to Hire Irrigation Repair Services

Soil Conditions Are Right for the Job

Irrigation installation and repairs are best done when the soil is relatively soft, somewhat moist, and neither too cool nor too hot. This goldilocks zone can be hard to come by, however. During the summer, soil temperatures are often in the upper 80s (Fahrenheit) and dry to boot. By September, these temperatures begin to drop until they’re in the 50s by November, and the soil softens significantly. Irrigation services can work more efficiently and do less damage to your lawn by tackling installations and repairs during this period, making fall the optimal time for them.

Steer Clear of Surge Pricing

Though autumn offers ideal conditions for irrigation repairs, most people are focused on lawn irrigation during the spring and summer. And when demand for irrigation services increases, so does the cost of these services. Put simply, attempting to tackle irrigation repair in the spring or summer is often much more expensive than waiting until fall when demand has died down. Likewise, it’s much easier to find a reliable repair company and schedule their services on short notice when their calendars aren’t so tightly wound. So, if you want to hire the best irrigation repair professionals at the best price, it’s wise to make this investment during the fall.

Lawn Aesthetics Won’t Matter as Much

People pay the most attention to their landscapes during the spring and summer. This is when it’s possible to achieve lush green lawns and take advantage of all the seasonal flowers in bloom. While you don’t want your lawn to look dishevelled outside of these seasons, fall debris and cooler temperatures will render even the most well-kempt lawns inert for some time. Knowing this, hiring landscaping services to fix your irrigation system during fall is completely practical. After all, these repairs often involve digging up portions of your lawn – something you won’t want to do during the spring and summer when the goal is to keep up exterior appearances. By tackling this project during the fall, you won’t have to feel so self-conscious about what your lawn looks like, since the landscapes around you will also be dealing with seasonal issues of their own (e.g., dormant grass, fallen leaves, etc.).

One Less Thing to Worry About in the Spring

Spring may be the start of the landscaping season, but you won’t want to battle a broken irrigation system as you prepare to revive your lawn. It’s much better to get your watering solutions in order before winter so you can hit the ground running as soon as spring arrives – this means tackling irrigation repair and installation during the fall. You’ll thank yourself in a matter of months for getting it done at this time rather than waiting.

Lawn Irrigation Services Near Me

There’s still plenty of time in Nashville to address any irrigation concerns you may have, but don’t wait too long. The Parke Company would be happy to be your choice for irrigation installation, repairs, and upgrades this season and beyond. We are passionate about cultivating a beautiful landscape for your home, office, or municipal property. Call us today at 615-350-6033 or contact us online!

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