Landscaping Design Services Near Me: Increase Your Asking Price with These Services

Home prices are trending upward in Nashville, TN and most other regions in the U.S. That said, if you’re planning on selling your home, you’re not guaranteed to get the price you’re looking for without putting in some effort. Your home must be in pristine condition inside and out to boost your bargaining power. And a potential buyer’s first impression of your home can make all the difference. Indeed, curb appeal is king – and beyond cleaning your home’s exterior and updating its siding, you’ll want to make sure its green spaces are in order. An alluring landscape says a lot about you as a seller and shows off your property in its best possible light. With that in mind, here are some landscaping design services to invest in to increase your real estate asking price.

Landscape Installations

Most homeowners would prefer to install new landscape features that they can enjoy for themselves over the next several years or decades. However, investing in ornamental plantings, specimen trees, new pathways, retaining walls, window boxes, and other installments can give your curb appeal a relatively quick and highly effective boost when it’s time to sell. It’s wise to develop a larger landscape design plan before going forward with a new installation. This way, you won’t wastet time or money on features that don’t improve your property’s appearance. The designs with the broadest appeal are balanced, properly scaled, cohesive, and simple.

Tree Maintenance and Removal

Trees make up a significant portion of virtually any landscape, providing shade, history, and seasonal beauty. Without proper maintenance, however, trees can become liabilities rather than assets. Overgrown trees aren’t just eyesores – they may also threaten your home if they’re stationed too close (especially if they’re older and/or diseased). Cutting down trees is sometimes necessary as a last resort, but it’s better to prevent your trees from becoming serious threats in the first place. This is done via pruning, trimming, crown thinning, deadwood removal, and other maintenance means. In addition to ensuring the long-term health of your trees, taking care of them in these ways also maximizes their appearance to make your entire property more attractive. The same can be said for smaller trees and shrubs. The best landscape designers are equipped to shape your shrubs and trees to perfection while keeping them in good health year-round.

Irrigation Services

Irrigation might not seem too intertwined with landscape design, but consider how quickly grass and ground cover can wither, brown, and perish without a regular supply of water. Lawns of all sizes can be tricky to take care of, especially in a hot, sunny region like Nashville, TN. Landscape experts will implement modern irrigation methods to keep your lawn and gardens hydrated no matter how hot or dry it gets outside. In doing so, you can show off a lush, healthy, vibrant lawn to potential buyers before they even enter your home.

General Landscape Maintenance

Watering is just one of many aspects of proper landscape maintenance. If you want to land the highest bidder for your home, you must also consider bed maintenance, weeding, fertilization, beautification, enhancement, pruning, mulching, and more. Every landscape is unique, which is why your designers must offer a variety of landscaping services and solutions, such as fertilizer/mulch alternatives. Different maintenance and preparation solutions are necessary at different times of the year, too, even in an area like Nashville, TN, where winters are relatively mild. The more equipped your landscape provider is to care for your green spaces throughout the year, the better they’ll be able to optimize its appearance.

Emergency Storm Services

Nashville is no stranger to extreme weather. In the past couple of years alone, this area has had to face devastating tornadoes, floods, and more. A single severe weather event can damage or demolish even the most beautiful and well-kept landscape (not to mention homes and buildings themselves) and therefore diminish your property’s market value. As such, it’s imperative to work with a landscaping company that offers emergency landscaping and repair services. These services include damage assessments, debris clean-up, irrigation system repair, re-installations of softscapes, hardscapes, decor, and more. The sooner you can pick up the pieces after a major storm, the better your odds of landing a solid asking price for your home.

Finding the Right Landscape Designer in Your Area

When selling your home, getting the biggest bang for your buck is only possible with proper landscape design and maintenance. A quick online search for “landscape designers near me” will reveal countless options in Nashville, TN – save yourself some time by sticking with The Parke Company. We provide comprehensive, caring landscaping services, and we are passionate about cultivating a beautiful landscape for your home, office, or municipal property.

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