How to Fix an Old Yard at Your New Home

Few things are as exciting as purchasing a new house. Whether the home is brand new or a fixer-upper, there will be plenty of adventures ahead. But before you start making memories, you may have a few things to check off your to-do list.

Even the newest home sits on land that has been there for ages, so it is crucial to give your landscape as much TLC as you give to the home’s interior and exterior.

How to Fix Up an Old Yard


If you have just moved into a new home, prioritizing your projects is key. While renovating the bathroom or installing new kitchen cabinets may be a fun idea, it is critical to consider which projects present the greatest need and complete them in order of importance. While your landscape design may seem like a task that can be left on the backburner, the health of your future landscape is a direct contributor to the health of your property value overall.

Unhealthy trees can pose a serious fall risk if not properly addressed, putting your new home and your family in direct danger. Certain fungi, bacteria, and other invasive species can also threaten the health and safety of pets, young children, and your designed plants if they are not dealt with immediately.

It is crucial to understand the state of your home’s landscape to grasp how and when it should be fixed. Especially due to the seasonal nature of landscaping, it is important to catch issues quickly, so you don’t have to wait for the next spring thaw to address them.


You can’t fix an old yard if you don’t truly know what you’re dealing with. Especially if you have moved to a new neighborhood or a completely different geographical location from what you are used to, you will need to learn about your new climate.

This is precisely why it is important to hire the right landscaping services provider to meet your needs. Your landscaping professional should have an acute understanding of your specific landscape and the needs of all the plants on your property. To fix an old yard, identify the specific species of plants on your property and work with a landscaping technician to understand your lawn and garden’s needs before you start attempting to fix an old yard.


Once you understand your landscape, the next logical step is to hire the right services to help you get your yard looking the way you want it to.

Whether through general landscaping services or something more elaborate like a hardscape installation, the best way to tackle an old, disheveled yard is by hiring an expert to get your landscaping project done right the first time.

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Buying a new home is nerve-wracking and exciting enough without the added stress of landscaping renovations. Even so, the fun of interior design can be brought outdoors when you enlist the right kind of landscaping maintenance company for your projects.

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