Landscaping on a Budget: Ways to Save Money

Giving tips about ways to improve your yard can be difficult sometimes because of the nature of landscaping. Everyone’s lawn is different, with the very physical nature of the beast making it so that nothing is going to be universal, with very few exceptions. While we at the Parke Company are here to offer our support and years of wisdom to the cause, there are some general things you can do to make things a little nicer, visually speaking. Since we live in an era where most things that can be done in the home can also be done at a decreased cost, all of these tips will also be very cost effective, incorporating things you probably already have in your home or nearby.

Getting a New Purpose

One of the easiest things you can do is to re-purpose things you already have on hand. Have some plants that are falling over? Don’t go out and spend all your money on fancy metal spirals when the application of bread ties and a fence work just as fine. Got a grassy area that would be better served as a flower bed? Throw some newspapers down and just wait – let the old news do the job. Shredded newspapers and cardboard also make for a solid mulching agent in a pinch, although the kind we offer at the Parke Company serves that problem just a bit better. The truth is that there are hundreds of things like this that you can do to make your life a little easier. You just need to look around at what you have, and with a little lateral thinking, most of your old junk can become new landscaping budget savers.

It doesn’t have to be little odds and ends, either. Throw a fresh coat of paint on an old bucket and drill a couple of holes in the bottom and you have a new planter. Another great idea is to set up a compost pile, which will eventually turn your old food and lawn scraps into a free source of fertilizer.


One of the best ways to save money on your landscape project is by taking a little time to see all of the places you can become more efficient. I’m not just talking about working smarter instead of harder, although there is some of that involved. The amount of money you spend on watering your yard can be a huge chunk of your budget, considering the amount needed to water a large area everyday. One way to save money is by watering the plants in the morning, because more of the water will be absorbed by the plant’s root. This is especially true in an area like Nashville, where the summer days can be absolute scorchers, leading to much of the water evaporating before the plant gets it all. If that’s not going to work with your schedule, you might want to look into an irrigation system, like the services we at the Parke Company provide to many residents and businesses.

We know how easy it can be to see your budget skyrocket when it comes to landscaping, which is why it can be necessary to save every penny anywhere you can. Hopefully by repurposing old household items and being more efficient with your water usage, you can do just that.

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