What Is a Tree Surgeon?

The professionals at landscaping maintenance companies are always wearing a few different hats. Some may spend time designing landscapes, planting gardens, or even installing things like ponds and gazebos.

When it comes to the more complicated projects for your landscape, it is critical to hire the right person for the job. In many cases, you may need a specialist– known as a tree surgeon– without even knowing it.

A tree surgeon is not the same as any general landscaping services provider, and the job is even different from a standard arborist.

What to Know About Tree Surgeons

Tree Surgeon vs. Arborist

On the surface, a tree surgeon and an arborist may seem like they do the same thing: both work with trees and maintain their health. But what exactly separates a tree surgeon from an arborist?

Arborists and tree surgeons both manage the care of a tree, but they do so in some critically different ways.

An arborist has extensive knowledge of the trees they are tending. It is the job of an arborist to identify any disease or issue in a tree and design the best plan of action for returning the tree to health. Arborists are wonderful for those looking to plant trees that do not yet exist since an arborist can help you determine which trees will grow best in your landscape.

Tree surgeons also have a great deal of knowledge regarding the trees they work with, but the tasks they perform are much different. Just like a surgeon you may see for a knee replacement, tree surgeons are typically called upon when a significant issue has been detected.

After an arborist or other landscaping professional diagnoses the problem with your tree, a tree surgeon will handle the procedure. Tree surgeons complete tree trimming, tree felling, and even stump grinding to best serve the needs of the landscape. Tree surgery requires an individual with great skill since it can be a very dangerous job. The job must be completed perfectly, or you risk a tree falling on a home, car, or even a person.

When Should I Call a Tree Surgeon?

When you have dead, decaying trees that need to be removed, a tree surgeon should be called immediately to mitigate the risk of a tree falling.

Tree surgeons are necessary for any project that requires cutting a tree. From crown thinning to canopy raising to weight removal, a tree surgeon must be called for all tree projects to ensure the best care for your trees, your landscape, and your family.

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