How to Winterize Your Irrigation System

The savvy gardener knows that gardens do not simply lie dormant through the winter and revive themselves in the spring. Even if you aren’t preparing for more immediate growth, how you prepare your landscape for winter will have a large impact on growth you do experience in the spring.

The same can be said for your irrigation system. Your lawn irrigation system cannot simply lie dormant in the colder months if you want it to be ready for the spring and summer.

For winterizing your irrigation system, here is what you need to know with tips from The Parke Company.

What to Know About Irrigation Systems in the Winter

Potential Dangers

For some property owners, the winter brings with it inches or even feet of snow. In these regions, the freezing temperatures and layers of snow eliminate your need for an irrigation system as your grass and shrubs do not need watering for the winter season.

These low temperatures also mean that your irrigation system could be at risk for rupturing if it is not evaluated and turned off for the winter. Just like pipes in your home can freeze and burst in extreme cold, your irrigation system can also crack and burst in the winter.

Property owners in regions with harsh winters should always enlist landscaping services to inspect irrigation systems before the cold weather hits, and you run the risk of losing your irrigation system entirely. The simple, low-cost task of irrigation system inspection could save you the significant cost of fully replacing the system later.

Changing Landscape Needs

Even if you live in an area with mild temperatures, a lack of snow doesn’t mean that your landscape doesn’t have shifting needs throughout the year.

In many places that are relatively warm year-round, the winter months bring more precipitation and less sun exposure. During these months, your lawn and garden’s needs will change significantly, even if they aren’t under a blanket of snow.

It is crucial that your landscaping maintenance company devises a plan for adjusting the amount of water your irrigation system delivers to your lawn and garden. A lawn that receives too much water could result in water-logged plants that die before their time. Too much moisture can also result in dangerous mold that spreads disease over your landscape.

By adjusting the settings on your irrigation system, you will not overwater your landscape and reduce utility bills in one fell swoop.

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