How Do I Know If I Need an Emergency Tree Service?

For many property owners, trees are a desirable feature of their landscape. Whether it is a commercial or residential property, trees can provide shade and aesthetic beauty beyond comparison.

While desirable, trees can sometimes pose a threat to the health and safety of your property if they are old, unhealthy, or damaged by other elements. Aside from obvious incidents like a tree falling, it can be tempting to take care of your trees’ damage on your own in an effort to reduce costs.

In some cases, an experienced property owner may be able to trim or prune a tree successfully, but improper care of trees can lead to even more damage to your property.

Are you deciding between hiring services or taking care of tree issues for yourself? Check out today’s article to learn the answer to the frequently asked question: how do I know if I need emergency tree services?

When You Need Emergency Tree Services

Storm Damage

Elective tree removal is conducted for a number of reasons: it blocks your view, you want more space in your yard, you find the tree unattractive, etc. Emergency tree removal, however, is conducted for much more pressing reasons, the most common of which is storm damage.

For savvy property owners, tree maintenance like tree trimming is a routine landscaping maintenance task.

It is important to remove aging limbs and branches to reduce the likelihood of damage during a heavy storm. Even the most attentive property owner, however, cannot prepare for every storm. Inclement weather including rain, hail, or heavy winds can cause trees to fall over onto your property.

In cases like this, it is critical to hire emergency tree services for tree removal rather than attempting to remedy the situation yourself.

Do-it-yourself methods like towing a tree or cutting it with a saw for carpentry projects can result in serious damage or injury. Without knowledge of how to properly fell trees, you run the risk of a tree falling in an unexpected direction or falling before you were ready. Only professionals should handle the dangerous task of tree removal. Treating a professional project as an amateur job can be lethal.

Disease and Rot

Even if branches or limbs have not yet fallen onto your property, you may still be in an emergency situation.

Diseased and rotting trees are more than just unsightly; they are also dangerous. In the best case scenario, the disease or mold may spread to other areas on your property and cause damage to more plants in your landscape. In the worst case scenario, damaged trees may easily fall, whether it is during a storm or simply due to the weakness of the tree.

It is important to have your trees serviced regularly. Even if you don’t notice disease on your trees, an experienced arborist can quickly examine your tree and determine the best methods to maintain its health for years to come and avoid the disaster that accompanies diseased trees.

Even if your tree looks fine, emergency tree services could be the one thing between you and disaster.

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