Five Things to Know Before Climbing Trees

Parke-Company-tree-service-of-nashville-Five-Things-to-Know-Before-Climbing-TreesThe spring season has already arrived and Nashvillians are all out enjoying the warmer weather. Cheekwood in Bloom, farmer’s markets and marathons are just a few of the many outdoor activities to participate in this spring.

One simple activity kids and adults alike have been doing is climbing trees. It’s an easy way to enjoy the nature around Middle Tennessee without too much fuss or expense. But there are a few things to consider before climbing.

Here’s what you need to know:

Stay Safe

Is your tree safe enough to climb or swing? This is the most important factor to consider for tree climbers. Climbing trees can be a lot of fun but if the branches are weak it can be very dangerous. Make sure the trees are tall and healthy before attempting to climb. Do not climb any trees where the branches or trunk appear to be damaged due to lightning, disease or other noticeable factors. If you know that animals live in the tree, consider another tree and leave the critters alone.


Even if the tree looks safe, have your tree evaluated by a professional arborist to be sure. There might be issues with the trees or branches that you might not be able to see right away. Having an arborist do a full tree care work-up will be a sure-fire way to know if the tree is safe for tree climbers.


Before climbing any branches, be sure to learn or freshen up on any and all safety tips. This will help avoid injuries to you and damage to the tree. Consult with an arborist if you are unsure about the proper tree care when climbing the branches or playing in trees. Tree climbing can be a very enjoyable experience. Plus, it’s a great way to familiarize yourself with Nashville’s vast ecosystem, but you have a responsibility to the tree to know all safety measures before climbing its branches.


Have a professional arborist tie up a swing, if applicable. If you want to do more than a simple climb, our arborists can easily tie up rope and install swings from branches. Trees have been nature’s playground for years, but it’s important to acknowledge and treat the tree with care before adding a swing.

Call for Service

Tree climbers in Nashville are all about having fun. If you’re climbing branches in your own trees, it should be for recreational and educational purposes only. If you need to complete any tree care, call our team of professional arborists. Depending on the tree service, tasks necessary to care for the tree can be dangerous. Do not attempt to complete the job yourself.

The five cardinal rules listed above can help ensure a safe and enjoyable experience when climbing or swinging in the branches of your own tree. Love to climb trees but don’t have access to them in your own backyard? Music City has a couple options for you. Consider working for Parke! Our arborist team is certified and trained to complete a wide variety of tree services, and many of them include climbing trees. You might also consider a recreational tree climbing company like Tree Climbing Planet. It’s great for tree climbers who want to bring out their inner child every so often.

The Parke Company can complete a variety of tree services such as tree care analysis, crown thinning, tree removal, etc. Summer is just around the corner so don’t delay. Get your name in the books today!

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