The Parke Company and Relocating Critters in Trees

Trees are places of sanctuary for all kinds of Tennessee critters. Birds, snakes, raccoons, opossums, squirrels and bats are just a few of Nashville’s most popular tree residents. So when the Parke Company determines a tree must be cut down, the team of arborists call animal rescue organizations to assist in relocating the tree’s residents.

During tree care analysis, sometimes the Parke Company has to ultimately cut down the tree because of disease, death or other factors. If the team finds a nest or a family of critters, the Parke Company relocates the animal to a safe location or a rehabilitation center if necessary. For safety and rehabilitation, the Parke Company calls Walden’s Puddle or Nashville Critter Ridder for assistance. Walden’s Puddle is a non-profit facility that provides treatment and care to sick, orphaned or injured wildlife in Middle Tennessee. Nashville Critter Ridder specializes in safe removal and/or extermination of wildlife as well as prevention and repair services.

If the tree does not have to come down, the Parke Company does their best to work around the nest or inhabitant, leaving the animals happy and undisturbed. It’s not uncommon to get up close and personal with some of Tennessee’s wildlife while repairing or removing trees, but it’s important to cause little disruption to avoid stressing or harming the animals.

Occasionally, the Parke Company comes across a bird of prey that must be safely relocated during a tree removal. When this happens, an aviary specialist is called in to assist the crew. The same is true for harmful insects such as bees and wasps. Once a nest is found, a specialist is called to help assist in the safe removal.

Trees are homes for all kinds of creatures, which makes animal rescue and relocation a priority for the team of arborists at the Parke Company. Though often times the animals can be left undisturbed, a safe and clear-cut plan is necessary in case a tree or its branches must come down. For more information about tree care or the Parke Company’s other services, contact them today!