The Parke Company is Hiring!

Always loved landscaping and gardening with your parents when you were a child? Loved climbing trees and learning about different types of leaves and trees species in Nashville and Middle Tennesee? The Parke Company has a job for you! As the summer picks up, the Parke Company is hiring employees for both now and long term. Positions available in several different areas, you are sure to find a place within the Parke Company family that you enjoy.

  • Long-term employment — The team of tree care and landscape specialists have employees that have worked with the company for over ten years. That’s a lot of tree service and a lot of designing landscapes! But it also says something very special about Parke Company as an employer. With both loyalty and a positive work environment, you can turn a job working on trees into a career.
  • Specialized training  — If you aim to be a certified arborist or work in the tree service department, the Parke Company is very technical in their training process. In addition, the company is invested in their employees success, whether you are working in tree care or landscape. Current job openings include:
    • Landscape Workers
    • Tree Care Workers
    • Irrigation Techs
  • Character Qualifications — Some important qualifications for an arborist or landscape worker is a positive attitude and a strong work ethic. For example you might be working in an emergency tree service situation. The job could have you in a high-stressed situation where a positive attitude and a teamwork mentality is crucial.

If you dream of becoming an arborist or a landscape designer one day, the Parke Company is where to begin. Training future generations for their team, the Parke Company is invested in seeing you succeed in the tree service and landscape world. Wonder what a typical day at the Parke Company is? Check it out here to see if the job is right for you! If you live in the Nashville area and are interested in applying, email your resume to Have questions? Call  (615) 350-6033.