Creative Hardscapes: Changing the Flow of your Landscape

Spending weeks or months cooped up indoors has left many of us restless and ready for something to shake up the mundane. One of the best ways to change up your environment and get out of the quarantine funk is to engage in a landscaping project. 

Aside from planting flowers and trimming trees, a great way to change up your landscape is through the design and installation of creative hardscapes. Here’s what you need to know about changing the flow of your landscape through hardscapes. 


Hardscapes like fountains and paved walkways can provide something that is difficult to achieve through plants alone: diverse shapes. 

In most circumstances, flower beds and small gardens must be contained in a fairly square or rectangular shape — not so for hardscapes. 

By installing a pond or fountain, you can incorporate virtually any shape you like into your landscape without being bound by boxes or lines. Paved walkways can be laid in any winding or circular shapes you wish to add variety to your landscape and create a more dynamic backyard experience. 


Changing the flow of your landscape might also involve installations that offer a variety of functions rather than just aesthetic improvements. 

While flower beds are beautiful, they don’t offer much activity during your next small, backyard gathering. Installations like ponds and fire pits can help answer the elusive “What are we going to do?” question and and change up your landscape in the process. 


While social distancing practices remain crucial for reducing the spread of COVID-19, many of us are able to reconnect with small numbers of friends and family by hosting gatherings outdoors. 

This reconnection may be threatened, however, when bad weather strikes. When rain comes around, it may feel like your long-awaited reunions must be cancelled. 

This can be avoided, however, by installing hardscapes like gazebos or other covered structures. Not only does a gazebo improve the aesthetic appeal of your landscape, it can also change up the flow of your landscape by offering new gathering spaces that were not possible previously.

Hiring Landscaping Services

While DIY backyard projects may be fun, installing a pond or gazebo isn’t a task you should take on by yourself. Leave it up to the experienced professionals at The Parke Company. 

Our landscaping experts have the experience and skills necessary to help you devise the best ways to add some variety to your landscape. Our technicians know just how to get you the biggest bang for your buck and add value to your home. 

From lawn mowing to tree removal, the landscaping professionals at The Parke Company have the experience and the skills to handle lawn problems and answer your landscaping services questions. Let us meet the unique needs of your property and bring your design dreams to life. 

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