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Spring cleaning is upon us, Nashvillians! Get on that to-do list before it’s too late. Dusting, organizing and deep-cleaning are all part of the job, but what about lawn care or landscape? Just like the inside of your home or office, the outside needs a good thorough pick-me-up for the
One of the great things about Nashville is the beautiful nature it provides. If you’re an admirer of Percy Warner or the beauty in Belle Meade, Cheekwood is a great place to visit. With a variety of events that bring Nashvillians and tourists alike, Cheekwood is a botanical garden and
Snowmageddon. Siberian Express. Nashville’s Ice Storm. Whatever you choose to call it, the Middle Tennessee area has been hit with severe weather that has crippled many counties in its wake. Snow, ice, sleet and record-hitting temperatures have all contributed to this winter weather, and it’s not the first time it’s happened
If you haven’t already heard, Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow last week. And so just like last year, the Nashville and Middle Tennessee area will have to endure six more weeks of winter. Whether that means severe or mild temperatures, time can only tell. But what it does ensure is
Historic trees are such a pleasure to care for, at least for the Parke company. Many times, these aged trees are the only living reminiscence of a piece in history, and they can show us glimpses of history we would not know otherwise. Trees like the Witness Tree and the