What to Consider When Interviewing and Hiring a Professional Landscaper

Whether it’s tree removal, irrigation system repair, or other landscaping services, hiring the right person to do the job is paramount to your project’s success. When you’re deciding who to hire for your next landscaping project, you’d benefit from doing a bit more than a few minutes of scrolling through Yelp reviews. 

Here are a few things you should consider when interviewing and hiring a professional landscaper. 

The Interview

This phrase may be catching you off-guard. An interview with my landscaper? Chances are that you have rarely, if ever, interviewed a prospective business to complete work on your house. 

While this may seem like a strangely formal step, interviewing contractors and other home renovation services is fairly normal. With projects like landscaping and renovation, high costs require that you find the exact person right for your job. It would be a tragedy to spend large amounts of money for a project that fails to live up to your expectations, or fails entirely.

What to Think About

Price Range

Even if a landscaping service provider has stellar reviews, those four or five stars come at a price. Certain projects with a high aesthetic value may warrant paying top dollar. Flower beds or hardscapes like fountains and patios aren’t projects that you want to start over, and they can be massive eyesores if not done correctly. 

When you need a project completed perfectly because of the visual effect it will have on your property, you may find yourself willing to spare no expense to get your project done. In other cases, like tree removal or stump grinding, the visual impact a certain project will have on your property is less important. Chances are, you’re more concerned with the task being completed quickly and at a low cost. 

If your interview with a landscaper involves them listing off a million different secret costs, you may want to look elsewhere. Be aware of a landscaper that tries to nickel and dime you by suggesting additions to your project; they may not be the one you’re looking for. 

Desired Project

It goes without saying that what your project is should be something you take into consideration when hiring a professional landscaper. 

Ask your landscape architect if or how many times they have completed a project like this one before. You may be able to flip through a portfolio of their work so you can get an idea of what their skills are. If they have never completed a project like the one you’re requiring, this may be a sign that you want to look elsewhere. Even so, if the landscaping professional is still keen on your project regardless of their experience, this may be an opportunity to talk down the price since you’re taking a risk on their inexperience. 


The most demoralizing moment arises when you’ve found the perfect landscaping professional at an ideal cost but their only open availability isn’t for six months. 

It is vital that your schedule and the schedule of your landscaper are compatible. This is important on a macro scale in order to get the project started in a timely manner, but it should also work on a micro level to ensure that completion of the project won’t interfere with your daily schedule. 

When you interview a landscaping professional, it is important to ensure that their staff is flexible enough to work with your schedule to complete your next project. 

If you’re preparing your property to sell or simply trying to improve the look and feel of your home, you don’t want to handle landscaping projects on your own. It’s vital that you hire the right landscaping professional to ensure that your projects are completed in a way that fits your budget, price point, and expectations. 
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