Best Mulching and Chipping Ideas to Consider Come Spring

Proper mulching and chipping allow you to control weeds, minimize erosion, and regulate soil temperature by absorbing heat during the day and releasing it during the night. Like other landscaping services, mulching and chipping services are best delivered by accredited experts. At The Parke Company, we have a team of professional landscapers active in preserving, beautifying, and protecting natural scenes; our services are primarily offered in Middle Tennessee and Nashville.

Let’s go over the best chipping and mulch landscaping ideas to consider by the time spring rolls around.

Transitional Landscape Steps To Take As Spring Approaches

Spring marks the beginning of the landscaping season. That said, there’s work to be done before the weather warms up to ensure the success and health of your green spaces. The Parke Company recommends various steps to make this seasonal transition easier. They include:

1. Cleaning Your Landscape

Begin by removing the dead or dried crops from your garden or lawn and replace them with fresh plants. Landscape cleanliness is an essential factor for crop health. Removing dirt, debris, and weeds from your landscape helps make way for much-needed spring sunshine and showers – it also helps growing plants breathe better.

2. Applying Mulch

Applying mulch to plants and tree bases acts as a form of protection from hot or cold weather. Get professional help to know the proper steps before applying the mulch.

3. Evaluating Your Landscape’s Health

Assessing the overall health of your landscape is a positive investment in your property. Having a healthy garden increases the value and appeal of your property significantly and reflects well on your stewardship. However, some people may not have the time or experience to do so properly; hence, they hire professionals to perform these inspections throughout the year (this is especially important before and after winter).

4. Pruning and Trimming Trees

Trimming trees keeps them healthy and shapely while protecting your property and landscape from debris. Some plants require pruning before the spring, while others need to be trimmed and pruned after spring arrives. Professionals like The Parke Company can provide more information regarding tree trimming, pruning, and mulching services.

5. Evaluating Your Watering Needs

When spring arrives, your green spaces will require regular watering to thrive – some of this moisture will come from the spring rainfall, but the rest will be supplied by your irrigation system. Before you restart your irrigation system, determine which areas of your landscape will require what level of watering, and ensure that your system can accommodate these needs.

6. Scheduling for Deep Root Fertilization

To make your garden look beautiful the entire spring season, prepare your plants by watering them and giving them enough fertilizer to maintain their health. If you establish a routine fertilizing strategy, your crops will maintain strength and fitness even in hot weather.

What Mulching And Chipping Entails

Mulching and chipping aren’t exactly the same thing, but they’re closely related and both involved in maintaining your lawn. Put simply, “chipping” refers to mulching via the use of wood chips. Mulching is a more general term that includes chipping but may also be made of straw, grass clipping, composted material, pine needles, paper, and more. Composition aside, mulching helps keep your property lush and green by adding nutrients to the soil – it also serves as a protective layer against weeds and pests, keeping them out of your lawn. Moreover, mulching helps control the amount of water that enters your yard through rainfall, which prevents erosion and excess moisture buildup.

Mulches can also be divided into biodegradable and non-biodegradable varieties:

  • Biodegradable Mulches (organic mulching) – These consist of organic matter, which breaks down after some period and releases nutrients, improving the soil structure. You will need to replace biodegradable mulches because layers rot down gradually. The best material for these mulches includes wood chippings, processed conifer bark, garden compost and leaf mold, among others.
  • Non-biodegradable Mulches (inorganic mulching) – This entails mulching using non-biodegradable materials such as shingles, slate, pebbles, stone chipping, gravel, and other plastic materials. Inorganic mulching does not improve the structure or fertility of the soil; they only act as a weed suppressor. It is best to use materials which will not absorb much heat to maintain the temperature of the roots. However, reaching out to experts can be a good idea. We at The Parke Company have experienced landscapers who can deal with your mulching specfiications and complications.

Benefits Of Mulching And Chipping

If you mulch your lawn, especially with landscaping wood chips, you will achieve the following:

1. Reduced Erosion

Water will be preserved in the soil for a long time; it will keep the ground together, so the land cannot be washed or swept away during storms. The chippings will be handy in preventing contact between wind (which occurs regularly in spring and summer) and the soil in your garden.

2. Fewer Weeds

Weeds also need sunlight, water, and warmth to grow. Therefore, if you cover your garden with mulch, the weeds underneath the mulch will not thrive. Establish an effective mulch so weeds cannot slip through them.

3. Increased Water Retention

Placing wood chips on your landscape will reduce water loss through vaporization by around 50%. This means you won’t have to worry about watering nearly as much – saving time, money, and energy.

Getting The Most Out Of Mulching And Chipping In Spring 2023

Like other landscape services, mulching and chipping require professional guidance to succeed. The Parke Company provides affordable and high-quality landscaping services to businesses, municipalities, and homeowners across Nashville. We have certified landscape experts who are consistent, clean, and leaders in their field.

If you’re wondering, “What company offers mulching services near me?” The Parke Company provides multiple mulching services and other landscaping services in Nashville and surrounding areas. Call us today at 615-350-6033 to prepare your green spaces for 2023. We’ll be happy to provide you with a free consultation and estimate!