Winter Time is the Perfect Time for Tree Services

Here at Parke we are known for our superior tree care.  Our highly experienced ISA (International Society of Arboriculture) certified arborists are experts in diagnosing and remedying tree issues, ensuring the healthiest possible environment for your tree landscape.  Winter time may seem like a lull in landscape care but the conditions of a Nashville winter are optimal for diagnosing and treating a whole slew of tree issues that will facilitate a verdant and healthy spring growing season.  Here’s a list of just a couple of the tree services we offer at Parke to help your trees grow strong and tall for years to come.

Deadwood Removal and Pruning

The dormant period of time in the winter is the ideal time for pruning and deadwood removal.  Arborists commonly recommend winter pruning for several reasons.  The dormant season allows for less intrusive pruning and an overall lighter impact on the surrounding environment.  A leafless tree also gives our pruners a clear visual of the plants structure providing insight into how the tree will handle high winds and extreme weather in other seasons.  This means smart pruning that will help you avoid the potential devastation of downed limbs later on.  Additionally, certain trees can only be pruned while dormant to minimize disease contamination.  Our arborists will work with you to identify these species and provide you piece of mind knowing that the job is done right and safely for your precious investments.

Tree Identification

Do you know what’s growing on your property?  Chances are you don’t have a full grasp on the diversity of tree life surrounding you!  We can help.  Parke’s expert eyes will provide you a comprehensive survey of all trees on your premises including species identification, location, and condition analysis.  This information is helpful in many ways. It can help you develop a clear budget for the care your trees need as well as laying the foundation for developing a comprehensive PHC (Plant Health Care) program.  This unique program is a Parke Company exclusive and gives proper fertilization, water and soil conditions to your landscape year in and year out!

Tree Removal

Need to clear some space in your landscape?  Winter time is perfect for tree removal.  Our expert technicians will remove the entire tree, even grinding down all apparent surface and feeder roots, meaning you can be assured that hidden roots won’t be absorbing valuable nutrients from the soil and robbing the plants you intend them for. Using special stump grinders, we penetrate up to a foot below the surface to chip and mulch the stump and root systems.  This leaves you with a fertile space that will be ready for replanting in the coming seasons.

Take advantage of the dormant season with Parke’s superior tree services.  While you’re arranging for our expert arborists to assist you don’t forget to check out the many other services our landscape pros offer.  We even do snow removal!  Be sure to jot down our tree emergency number too (615-201-9999) and keep it handy.  Stay warm!

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