Why Choose Shredded Pine Mulch?

Even for the experienced green thumb, it can take a lot to get your garden looking the way you desire. Between choosing soil, fertilizer, and irrigation methods, the options may seem endless for your landscape.

Mulch is one of the most commonly used materials for improving and protecting your landscape, but with all of the different options, which type of mulch should you choose?

Pine mulch is a perfect option for many property owners, but is it right for you? Today on the blog, we explore the FAQ: why choose shredded pine mulch? Here is what you need to know before making this important gardening decision.

The Benefits of Shredded Mulch


While mulch does help to nourish and protect the soil in which your plants will grow, it also adds aesthetic interest to your yard.

A number of different materials can be used in your yard as mulch, including things like shredded newspaper, food scraps, and pieces of cardboard. While all of these materials may be readily available to you, not many people desire the appearance of what looks like piles of trash in their yard.

Some mulches like rubber pellets have a more uniform appearance, but they do not look nearly as natural as a material like shredded pine mulch.

Pine mulch is a design option that can cohesively blend in with your landscape’s design and the environment to avoid mulch that sticks out like a sore thumb like newspaper or table scraps may.

Shredded pine mulch is also available in a wide variety of colors if you are looking to match a landscape design or blend in with a particular area of your property.

Environment Friendliness

Recycling can be beneficial for the environment, but with the limited number of materials that can actually be processed through recycling, in addition to the energy used to recycle materials in a plant, reusing or repurposing is an even better choice for the environment.

Some mulches contain harmful chemicals that are obviously antagonistic to the environment, but even rubber pellet mulch requires more material to be produced than other methods.

Shredded pine mulch is an environmentally friendly method of mulching your yard because it repurposes materials that have already been in circulation rather than producing something new.

Mulch is also environmentally friendly because it is made of all natural materials. While some mulches may contain dyes if you choose a colored option, raw mulch is entirely natural on its own and does not introduce any foreign chemicals to your landscape.

Cost Effectiveness

Some landscape installations like water features and pavers can be incredibly expensive, but shredded pine mulch is a great way to improve the appearance and health of your property without breaking the bank.

Mulch can be purchased by the bag, and you can decide precisely how much or how little you want to disperse over your property. Mulch is very easy to fit to your exact budget since brands and quality vary so widely.

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Choosing shredded pine mulch may be a no-brainer, but most landscaping projects take a lot more expertise than picking out a bag at the lawn and garden center of your local hardware store.

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