What Is Crown Thinning and How Can it Help My Trees?

If you have trees on your property, you probably know that they can be one of your best assets or your biggest nightmare. Lush, healthy trees are a perfect way to add shade to your home and improve curb appeal. At the same time, unhealthy trees can litter your yard with dead leaves and present a great risk if there is a chance that the tree may fall. 

While you may know about tree trimming and leaf collection, one of the best methods for maintaining the health of your trees may be one you’ve never heard of. Crown thinning is the industry secret that may be the difference between sad, lifeless trees and trees that revitalized your landscape.

What is Crown Thinning

Just like most other plants, trees do need pruning to remove dead material and promote growth. Crown thinning is a specific method of pruning. Unlike tree topping that can end up killing a tree, crown thinning selects specific limbs and branches to treat.

According to the Arboricultural Association, crowning thinning is a method similar to crown lift or crown raising in which “the removal of a portion of smaller/tertiary branches, usually at the outer crown” is performed to, “produce a uniform density of foliage around an evenly spaced branch structure.” 

Typically, this process does not drastically change the overall shape or size of the tree, but involves the systematic removal of material, not to exceed 30% of the tree overall.  

How Can Crown Thinning Help My Trees

There are a number of different benefits of crown thinning. Many people may opt for crown thinning because it is a great way to allow more light to pass through your trees, increasing the amount of sun that reaches the surrounding area. 

Crown thinning can also be beneficial for areas in which you desire less wind resistance and reduced weight on a particular tree. It should be noted, however, that crown thinning does not always reduce the leverage on a structure. 

Hiring Landscaping Services

Obviously, crown thinning is more than just trimming a few branches and calling it a day. 

Proper crown thinning requires tools and expertise you may not have at hand if you’re not already a landscaping professional. It also ensures only the appropriate parts of the tree are trimmed so that it lives a long and healthy life.

Crown thinning is a process that must be kept up over time and carefully tracked to reap its full benefits. Our landscaping experts have the experience and skills necessary to help you devise the best ways to protect and beautify your landscape. Our technicians know just how to get you the biggest bang for your buck and protect your investments in your home’s landscape.

From lawn mowing to tree removal, the landscaping professionals at The Parke Company have the experience and the skills to handle lawn problems and answer your landscaping services questions. Let us meet the unique needs of your property and bring your design dreams to life. 

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