What Is Backflow Testing and How Can it Help?

If you are gearing up to tackle landscaping projects, it can be easy to forget caring for your in-ground sprinklers. While irrigation systems do make regular landscaping simpler, it is always essential to have your irrigation system serviced to ensure that it operates at top efficiency.

The next time you have your landscaping serviced, be sure to add backflow testing to your list of services to keep your lawn and garden full and healthy. Here’s how it works.

What to Know About Backflow Testing

What Is Backflow Testing?

Visual inspections for damage, comparing utility bills month to month, and checking the quality of your plants are all ways to verify the efficiency of your sprinklers. However, one of the most holistic ways to ensure that your irrigation system operates at full capacity is through backflow testing services from your commercial landscaping company.

Backflow testing is the process by which an experienced landscaping professional evaluates your plumbing system and checks for pressures throughout the system. In your home and the various places in your yard, pressures are typically kept at a standard to allow for the uninhibited movement of water from one area to another.

While most systems operating appropriately should not experience blockages, a number of factors can cause damage and result in backflow. If there is a sudden freeze of the pipes, a burst pipe, or even just an unusually high demand on your system’s water supply, those pressures that are typically standard may change. This leads to backflow and results in contaminated water from the ground or storage making its way into your water system.

How Does Backflow Testing Help Your Landscape

Clean water out of the faucet is reason enough to hire backflow testing services, but it can also have a dramatic impact on the quality of your garden.

If your lawn or plants have been a bit lackluster, it may be worth checking to see if contaminated water could be the issue. Contaminated water for your plants may be trickier to identify since you aren’t consuming the water yourself, but dead or dying plants may be telling you that your water supply is the issue.

In addition to verifying water quality, it is always a good idea to check up on your irrigation system. If your water is not contaminated by backflow, a wilting lawn and garden could be due to underwatering or overwatering because of broken fixtures. Irrigation systems provide ease and hands-free, consistent watering. But it is critical to check your system regularly as a part of your regular landscaping maintenance practices. Regular maintenance helps to prevent water contamination, keeps your family safe, and your garden beautiful.

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