Irrigation Systems: Backflow Testing in Nashville, TN

valve-testing-nashville-tnBackflow testing is a key step in making sure drinking water is protected from pesticides, feces, and other contaminants. There are two main ways backflow can contaminate drinking water, but they can both be prevented if your irrigation devices are in working order.

The first type of backflow contamination is back-siphonage. If the pressure in Nashville’s main city water line drops suddenly, back-siphoning can cause sprinkler heads, pesticide sprayers, and other components of irrigation systems to send dangerous contaminants back into our potable water supply. A common cause of back-siphonage is heavy use of water in a short time period, such as emergency fire-fighting.

Another cause of backflow contamination is back-pressure. This can occur when someone installs a lawn sprinkler pump or injector system incorrectly. The water used for irrigation creates more pressure than the potable water supply and forces contaminants into it.

Backflow testing ensures that your home’s backflow prevention valves are working properly and that your water pressure is at the level it should be. The state of Tennessee requires annual tests of backflow prevention devices for this reason.

The professionally certified testers at the Parke Company can perform backflow testing that will help you protect the water you drink and use every day and reassure you that it is safe and contaminant-free. We’re here for you. Contact us today at 615-350-6033 to schedule for a certified landscape irrigation professional to visit your home today.