Trees and Safety – When Is it Time to Say Goodbye?

Trees are every property owner’s biggest dream and worst nightmare. Trees in your landscape can be host to your child’s tree house and some of their best memories, or they can be host to pests and critters that vandalize your yard.

However, some trees can be a tremendous hazard if they fall, causing significant damage to property or people nearby. This is precisely why it is crucial to make tree trimming and other tree services a priority of your landscaping services. Let’s discuss what you should look for so you know when it’s time to say goodbye to a tree on your property.

When to Remove a Tree

Signs of Damage

When asking yourself whether tree removal is necessary, it is first necessary to check for signs of damage. If your trees have brittle bark, weak branches, or leaves dropping out of season, these are clear signs that your tree at least needs a little TLC.

Sometimes, it can be difficult to determine just how far your tree maintenance must go. In some cases, crown thinning or other methods of trimming are all that’s necessary to restore your trees to their former glory. This is not a decision to make lightly, however.

While your branches may look safe to you, an experienced arborist is much better equipped to recognize damage that is too far gone and help you make prudent decisions. Landscaping professionals like those at The Parke Company are prepared to help you rid your yard of risks and keep your trees safe from falling branches.

Critters and Pests

Down trees are not the only threat to your property’s safety. Critters and pests can also present a significant risk. At their best, squirrels, racoons, and owls occasionally run or fly across your lawn, reminding us we share their ecosystem. However, occasionally trees overrun with pests can present a serious health and safety risk. Some creatures that eat away at your home and build nests of their own can impact the safety of your home’s structural integrity.

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Nobody wants to get rid of a tree that doesn’t need it, but knowing just when to cut down a tree is a tricky task best left to the experts.

When it comes to larger tasks like tree trimming for your home or municipal area, it is unlikely that you can complete the job on your own. We urge you never to work with a landscaping business who doesn’t have arborists on staff. These are trained professionals who actually know how to properly care for trees and landscaping.

Hiring the experienced professionals at The Parke Company for landscape services is the first step to ensuring you receive the kind of landscaping and lawn services necessary to preserve the assets on your property. From lawn mowing to removal of trees, the landscaping professionals at The Parke Company have the experience and the skills to meet the unique needs of your property and bring your design dreams to life.

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