The Premier Landscaping Services Perfect for Fall

Fall is a fantastic time for family gatherings, community activities, and festive decorations. But as the days grow shorter and the leaves start to fall from their trees, every property owner knows that it’s also time to prepare their outdoor spaces for winter. The Parke Company serving Nashville and Middle Tennessee is here to help you beat the cold weather season and make your outdoor spaces look beautiful for years to come with our full service landscaping services.

How the Transition to Autumn Affects Landscaping Services and Needs

As autumn takes over, yards and gardens begin to wither away – this transition often yields gorgeous colors along the way. During this season, there are a few ideal landscaping services to seek for your yards and gardens. The first service is to trim branches that may have grown into a fence or a power line. There are a few ways to handle this situation: plant new trees and shrubs, remove trees and shrubs that are no longer useful for your yard, and reshape them by trimming them up. Debris removal is another ideal service for fall, as the season’s winds, rains, and falling leaves produce plenty of detritus.

This time of year is also prime for lawn fertilization. This important task protects the health of your lawn even when it’s lying dormant during winter. Proper fertilization will, in fact, shorten this dormant period and help your lawn spring back to life after winter’s end. Meanwhile, continue mowing your lawn until the grass completely stops growing. Grinding up fallen leaves along the way will allow your lawn to breathe as the season progresses. The Parke Company can also provide lawn aeration services this time of year, test your soil, and more.

Preparing Your Green Spaces for Winter

Taking care of your lawn during autumn helps you prepare it for winter. Even in an area that enjoys milder winters like Nashville, TN, cold conditions, snow, and other wintry factors can do serious damage to your green spaces if they’re not well-protected. Investing in the services outlined above and removing any dead or dying plants will help keep your landscapes healthy and beautiful throughout the winter season.

Beyond these acts, however, you must also consider the state of your irrigation system. You won’t be needing your sprinklers during winter, so it’s important to shut down these systems prior to the first frost. Keeping your irrigation system active during winter can freeze and clog valves, permanently damaging these components. By the time spring rolls back around, you may be faced with major irrigation repairs. The Parke Company offers full irrigation winterization and restart services so you can bring your lawn back to life as soon as the weather allows.

Why Hire Professionals From The Parke Company

At The Parke Company, all of our full service landscaping offerings are performed by certified, qualified, and experienced employees to ensure top-notch services. We provide various landscape service options to our residential and commercial customers, including pre-construction consultation, landscape design, landscape installation, maintenance, irrigation shutdowns and restarts, planting, mowing, trimming, and more.

When you call The Parke Company to schedule a consultation with our team, we will help you decide which premier landscaping services best suit your property for the season. Call us today at 615-350-6033 to schedule your autumn or winter landscape maintenance session. We’ll be happy to provide you with a free consultation and estimate to help you decide whether our services are right for your landscaping needs.

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