Can Leaves Kill My Grass?

There may be nothing quite as emblematic of fall as the changing of the leaves. When the autumn leaves fall to the ground, the visual effect is gorgeous, but underneath that pile of leaves could be severe damage to your lawn.

Do you know about the threat that fallen leaves can pose to your grass? Here is what you need to know.

What to Know About Grass Damage from Leaves


Without raking leaves and leaf collection, things can quickly go awry for your lawn’s health. One of the greatest threats that fallen leaves can pose to your lawn is linked to sunlight.

It goes without saying that your lawn needs the sun. For those with shaded lawns due to tree coverage, you know the frustration of dead patches of grass that never quite match up to the rest of your lawn. Even in areas of high sun exposure, too much sun can dry out your lawn as well.

Sun exposure for your lawn is a delicate balance, and leaves can significantly disrupt that balance. When leaves are left on your lawn, they block the sun from delivering the necessary nutrients to your lawn and helping it grow. Leaving your yard unraked will inevitably lead to a brown, dry, malnourished lawn.


Just like sun exposure, for all plants, moisture is essential for healthy growth. When it comes to leaves, however, the issue may come from too much moisture.

Fall and winter often bring significant changes in temperature, including heavier rainfall. When rains come, the moisture gets trapped beneath leaves with nowhere to go. Even in places with less rainfall, changing temperatures and morning dew can trap condensation below leaves.

As important as moisture is for a healthy lawn, moisture that remains trapped underneath leaves– especially if they are left for a whole season– can lead to dangerous mold.

Not only is mold messy and unappealing, but it can also spread to other parts of your lawn and cause damage to other plants and even your trees, which is a significant safety threat to your property.

While it may be tempting to let leaves sit for the season and handle them after the snow melts, leaves left on your lawn can do a lot more damage than just leave your grass brown.

Lawn Care

Leaf pick up may feel like the landscaping service you can skip, and hope that some rough winds will take care of it for you. But with all of the risks presented by leaves on your lawn, leaf collecting is a critical component of your landscape’s health.

Make it easy by letting a lawn landscaping maintenance company take care of it for you.

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