Should My Garden Go in the Front or Back Yard?

Fall is in full swing, and it’s time to start shifting your paradigm for landscaping projects. As your focus moves away from lawn care and more of your attention is given to leaf collection and overwintering, it is important to remember that now is the time to start planning for next spring.

A garden takes a lot of strategy and effort, which all begins far before the snow melts and tulips start budding. To reap the full benefits of your garden, fall is a great time to start planning out the details.

Before you even think about flowers, fruits, or vegetables, the first step in planning for a new garden is choosing the most optimal location on your property for growth. Here’s what you should know.

Sun Exposure

It doesn’t take much lawn and garden knowledge to understand that exposure to the sun is crucial for fostering growth in your garden. When planning the types of plants you want in your garden, it is important to think about the tolerance level your plants will have for sun exposure.

If you have a backyard shaded by trees and neighboring homes, you may want to consider whether your garden will get enough light to grow. Conversely, a full-sun front yard could also be detrimental to plants that are more delicate.

Whatever the layout of your front and back yards, always think about the sun tolerance of your desired plants when you are deciding where to plant your garden.


At its most basic level, a garden needs sun and water. Once you have determined the appropriate amount of sun exposure for your garden, the next thing to consider is the amount of water available to your garden in different areas of your property.

Many property owners take advantage of a lawn irrigation system. Sprinkler irrigation is a great way to ensure that your landscape is watered efficiently without having to remember to turn the sprinklers on. If you have an irrigation system in your front or back yard, you may want to consider how that will factor into the growth of your garden.

Lawns and gardens may not require the same amount or frequency of watering, so it is important to consider how the irrigation systems (or lack thereof) in your front or back yard may affect your new garden.

Curb Appeal

The final and perhaps most important factor to consider when planning the location for your garden is where you think it would look the most beautiful! For some, curb appeal is the top priority, ensuring that your home’s front exterior looks as good as possible. For others, creating a backyard oasis is the goal. Whatever your desire is, choosing between your front yard and backyard should always prioritize the aesthetic beauty of your landscape.

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