Landscape Design for Winter Time

Most people think of the winter months as a time of inactivity for their landscapes but winter actually provides a unique opportunity to change the face of your landscape.  Unlike designing in the growing season, dormancy offers a stripped back, exposed look at your surroundings.  At Parke, we can help you use this season to your advantage.  Consider some of the services we offer below to make the most of this winter season and prepare your environment to be the best it can be when Spring comes.

What to Know About Landscape Design in Winter

Focused Design

Dormancy simplifies the appearance of your landscape.  Without the usual cover of leaves and blooming flowers and shrubs you can quickly identify any areas where your landscape could benefit from a more intentional design element.  You may decide that it’s not a plant that’s needed!  This is a good time to consider hardscaping options like stone work walkways and walls.  Parke offers custom expert service to determine a unique approach to your environment and needs.  How about adding a pond or a bench?  While you’re at it consider a trellis, bench, or an arbor!  The possibilities are endless!

Landscape Cleanup

Winter is the perfect time to get rid of debris and clutter.  At Parke we can provide another set of eyes to determine if you have any problem areas that could benefit from brush removal, pruning, or perhaps even large shrub or tree removal.  Check out some of the winter time tree services we offer and their benefits here.  Pruning and debris removal is less invasive during the winter time and therefore an ideal off-season investment to facilitate a lush growing season.  Contact us today at 615-350-6033 to schedule tree services!

Winter Planting

It’s best to avoid putting new plants in the ground when deep freezes are still happening but when done properly winter can be a fine time to add new life to your space.  When considering winter planting, look for areas that would benefit from the presence of an evergreen.  These plants add color in a bleak season and are available in greens, yellows, and even rich deep blues such as the dwarf blue spruce.  Berry producing shrubs also liven up an otherwise dormant landscape and provide year round greens.  Let our highly experienced ISA (International Society of Arboriculture) certified arborists guide you to the best plants for your landscape needs.

Don’t let the cold weather deter you from giving your landscape a new look this winter.  We can provide an expert take on the steps best for you to maximize your growing season.  From removing the clutter to adding plants that will beautify for years to come you can have confidence that Parke’s highly experienced team will deliver.  Don’t forget that Parke’s expert hardscaping services can add a new dimension of interaction to your surroundings.  Maybe it’s time to add that walkway through your winter wonderland!  Contact us today to start dreaming and planning your next project with our expert team of designers and arborists.