Celebrate Spring With Seasonal Color Installations and Other Services

Spring is a season known for its colorful buds, flowers, and green foliage, but that effortless look in nature does take some work to replicate in your landscaping. Here are the ways you can celebrate spring with seasonal color installation and other rejuvenating springtime services from The Parke Company.

Annual and Perennial Flowers, Seasonal Colors

Whether or not you’ve worked with landscapers before, your property deserves an added touch of color this year. Springtime flowers are a real sight to see after a long winter, and these mood-enhancing bits of nature can come back year after year! Perennials are plants that grow on a yearly cycle, meaning they lay dormant during a period of time (usually fall and winter) and bloom in the spring on a yearly basis. As long as the soil is well maintained, perennials can come back for years and years with no major effort on your part. This is especially true if you work with your local Nashville landscapers.

Yearly maintenance and management plans can make sure that your perennials are in perfect shape for the spring and are well-watered through the hot summer months. All without any effort on your part. Get that pop of color for curb appeal that comes back year after year! Common perennials that do well in Nashville include Shasta daisies, black-eyed Susans, white evening primrose, and butterfly weed. These colorful plants can survive many seasons and come back up as things warm up.

Annuals are another type of flowering plant that is often used in spring color installations. Unlike perennials, annuals only last a single season and will not regrow in subsequent years. While annuals aren’t quite as low-maintenance as perennials, they make up for it in affordability and vibrance. Annual flowers that grow well in Nashville gardens include marigolds, petunias, pansies, and mums. While they don’t come back next year, annuals can actually self-seed, meaning they will shed seeds toward the end of their life, and those seeds will grow the following year. Collecting seeds from marigolds and other annual flowers and saving them for the next year is also fairly simple and a great way to help sustain a garden.

Seasonal Color Installation Tips

When you work with a landscaper to install new seasonal color flowers and plants in your garden, you will need to consider a few things. Not every flower is great for every environment, and their needs can vary. Some flowers need very little water to survive, while others rely on a more steady supply. Mixing these can mean that you’re either over- or under-watering some of your flowers. In addition to water needs, the other main component of planning your color landscaping is sunlight. Plants have different needs; some prefer shade and indirect light while others thrive in open sun. Making sure to pick the right plants for the right location doesn’t have to be your responsibility; landscapers have a lot of knowledge and experience to ensure that every aspect of your color installation is placed properly.

When considering the positioning of annual and perennial flower installations for spring color, you also need to think of how these colors all work together. Sure, a great variety of colors sounds great on paper, but it can look pretty chaotic when it actually comes together in the garden. Sticking to a color scheme and choosing plants that complement one another is an important way to set your garden apart from the rest. Even the boldest gardeners are usually sticking to a few color groups, and planning them can be fun for a lot of people. For people who prefer to leave that level of planning to the pros, however, your color installation is safe in the hands of your landscaper.

At The Parke Company, we have decades of experience in planning gardens and planting them too. You can rest assured that your color installation will be supported all season with affordable maintenance plans designed to prune and nourish your garden in the spring and beyond.

Springtime Services

Floral color installations are a great way to spruce up your landscaping this spring, but that’s not all you can do. Color comes in many forms, and many trees and hardscapes can give a great deal of color to your yard as well. Cherry trees that blossom in the spring are a spectacle that also smells great, and they attract bees and other helpful insects that can pollinate your other trees and flowers. Other fruiting trees like a variety of apples also boast beautiful buds in the springtime. Hardscapes like fences, pathways, pergolas, and water installations are all perfect candidates for the spring as well. These landscaping installation staples can greatly up your garden game and can give you the yard everyone else envies for years to come.

Irrigation systems are also important for your garden and lawn to thrive, and they are easily installed in the spring once the ground is no longer frozen. These systems take the worry out of watering, leaving you more time to barbecue, hop in the pool, or just have one less worry. You don’t need massive and elaborate landscaping to justify an irrigation system either. Landscapers can advise you on exactly what your yard needs and install as much or as little as necessary to keep your yard and garden hydrated all summer.

Springtime is about color, and putting color at the forefront of your landscaping is a breeze with The Parke Company. If you’re interested in exploring your color installation options or need advice on your current landscaping, don’t hesitate to give us a call for a free consultation and estimate.